2018 featured new products

Dec. 5, 2018

FlexYarn by ProxySoft

• ProxySoft is the manufacturer of ProxySoft periodontal floss, bridge, and implant cleaners, and 3-in-1 floss.

• Proxysoft floss products are for everyday use and contain built-in threaders, a soft FlexYarn brush section, and floss, all on one strand.

• Still plastic threader guides soft FlexYarn brush between teeth, around dental implants, under bridgework, and in braces.

• Soft FlexYarn brush is designed to clean large spaces between teeth caused by gum disease, reducing gum inflammation and improving overall gum health.


Riva Star desensitizer by SDI Limited

• Clinically tested and proven for decades

• Esthetically pleasing for the patient; reduced staining

• Immediate dentinal hypersensitivity relief for adults over the age of 21

• Noninvasive; suitable for MID

• Patented technology


Cranberry Carbon Black face masks by Cranberry USA

• Be a game changer. Experience Carbon Black face masks along with Carbon Black nitrile gloves.

• All-black design

• ASTM Level 3 protection with high fluid resistance

• Nose and chin adjustment strips for better fit and protection

• Quad-fold design provides 15% more breathing volume

or call (888) 811-6839.

EverCare scaler sharpening service by Hu-Friedy

• Free up your time so you can focus on patient care

• Submitting a request takes just minutes

• Real time status tracking notifies you of every step of the process

• Turnaround time is just 3½ days from when your scaler is received to when it ships back out

• Select a customized membership that best fits your office needs

Join today at

Pink Montana Jack scaler by Paradise Dental Technologies

• Its unique, contra-angle blade design allows for better, more comfortable access, especially for posterior and tight interproximal areas

• Ergonomic handle provides a more comfortable grip with less hand fatigue and pinch force

• Lightest, most tactile sensitive handle on the market

• Harder and stronger steel due to our proprietary heat treatment and unique cryogenic processing

• Buy 5, get 1 free (Offer valid until 12/31/18. View website listed below for full details.)

Visit or call (800) 240-9895.

Microflex Neosoft by Ansell

• A revolution in skin moisturization

• Features Hydrasoft technology to rehydrate dry and cracked skin and improve overall skin condition

• Soft material provides wearers exceptional comfort and ease of use

• Neoprene formulation and textured fingers deliver a secure, reliable wet grip

• Ultralightweight design for enhanced tactile sensitivity

• Prevents risk of Type I allergic reactions

Visit or call (855) 868-5540.

Moisyn Advanced Formula Dry Mouth Relief by Prisyna

• It’s effective: Moisyn targets the oral surfaces at a molecular level with unique, moisture-rich chemistry. This means patients will experience relief from pain and discomfort associated with dry mouth in a way like no other product can provide.

• It’s safe: Eight ingredients. That’s all you’ll find in this naturally-derived, pH-balanced formula. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

• It’s proven: In a clinical study, 82% of patients who used Moisyn for only one week experienced a dramatic reduction in dry mouth symptoms and pain affecting sleep. 84% said they would purchase Moisyn again!

Call (855) 774-7962 or visit to receive a free bottle of Moisyn Rinse! Offer expires 12/31/18.

New Comfort Series DOVE valves by DOVE Dental Products

• New comfort design

• Reduced pricing

• Now in blue or purple

• Stops backflow

• Eliminates leaking valves

Visit for more information or call (855) 800-3683 to request your free sample.

Ultrapro Tx Air Handpiece and hygiene equipment family by Ultradent Products

• Lightweight, aluminum, ergonomic design

• Soft-start, vibration-free motor

• Universal e-type motor can be used with all attachments, nose cones, and DPAs

• Ultrapro Tx Skini DPA and Ultrapro TX Extra DPA pair perfectly with handpiece for all your needs

Visit Ultradent at GNY Booth No. 1018,, or call (800) 552-5512 for details.