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RCC Spotlight: Megen Elliott, MS-OCL, RDH, CDA

Oct. 24, 2023
In just 10 years, Megen Elliott has packed a lot into her dental career, and she encourages her peers to do the same. Her career has encompassed many efforts to encourage her peers' growth.

Megen Elliott’s 10-plus years in the dental field have presented many opportunities for her to grow and evolve. She’s worked in a variety of environments and capacities, including private practice, founding and operating a school-based public health program, college faculty, brand ambassador and clinical educator for dental brands, independent consultant and writer, and director of dental relations for a dental start-up. She recently became the program director of dental assisting at a local college. In addition, Megen has started a consulting and mentoring business, Cavelly Co. At present she works clinically a few days a year as a volunteer. 

“I cannot say enough about networking, meeting people, and sharing your goals,” she says. “I strive to create a passion in students and grads like the passion instilled in me through all my amazing mentors. These mentors helped inspire me to set goals and think bigger for myself and my career. I look forward to helping others on their journeys.” Megen says she enjoys new challenges and has loved every minute of her varied career in dentistry. She attributes all these opportunities to the network she’s created. 

Megen entered the dental field at the age of 18 as a dental assistant and became a hygienist at age 20. As the youngest employee, she struggled with impostor syndrome and always feeling the need to prove her worth and be taken seriously. Ultimately she was able to overcome these obstacles through others’ trust and confidence in her.

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Social media for the encouragement

Through her social media platforms, Megen advocates for lifting up others and for positivity. “Empowering new graduates, serving as a cheerleader for others, and supporting others on their entrepreneurial journey are some of my favorite things to do on social media. Social media can be a toxic place, but I’ve chosen to focus on its positives. I tune out and unfollow the negativity and focus on the connections and networking opportunities that social media can bring.” 

It can be a challenge for those in the dental field to stay connected and build up one another. To support the goals and initiatives of others, Megen believes we need to stay connected and tapped into what others are working on. She most enjoys working with recent graduates, but she hopes to provide support to anyone in the dental field who’s looking for a change. 

Although her goals are constantly evolving, one of Megen’s broad goals is to make a difference by challenging people to ask “why?” or “why not?” and to think outside the box. She also hopes to inspire future generations to bring about systemic change in our field and for the dental health of the public. 

You can reach Megen by email at [email protected] or through her social media platforms.

  • Facebook: facebook.com/megen.lube
  • Twitter: @megenmrdh
  • Instagram: @yourdentalfriendmegen
  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/megenelliott/

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