What sets BeeSure gloves and masks apart?

Aug. 17, 2022
BeeSure offers a large box of thin and comfortable gloves that are very durable, as well as a fully adjustable and anti-fog mask.

At this summer's Under One Roof, I had the opportunity to talk with Alen Kwong of BeeSure about their recent rebranding, as well as updates to their personal protective equipment offerings in gloves and masks.

Their new SuperSlim glove comes in boxes of 350, a convenient upgrade from the usual 100-count box. Though slim, it offers excellent tactile sensitivity and durability.

The company's new Vibe mask offers both a top and bottom pinch to comfortably adjust to your face, as well as a nose flap to provide an anti-fog feature. No more side gapping masks! For a splash of color, check out the Glamorous Vibe.

Visit ecobeeworld.com for more information. Kwong says that all major dealers offer BeeSure products so you can contact them as well.

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