RDH Clinical Recognition Program Winner: Ryan Rutar, MAM, BS, BA, RDH

Jan. 30, 2024
How does Ryan Rutar stand out in the field of dental hygiene? Tune in for a conversation between Ryan and Carol Jahn of Waterpik to learn more.

What do you do to stand apart from the rest in dental hygiene?

Carol Jahn, RDH, MA, Director of Professional Relations & Education for Waterpik, talks with this month's RDH Clinical Recognition Program Winner Ryan Rutar, MAM, BS, BA, RDH, about just that: his background, experience, and many contributions to dental hygiene. Key among them: Ryan has worked as the hygiene manager at his practice since 2016, a position he essentially created himself "to allow for dental hygiene to have more autonomy and take some of the stress away from the dentists."

The RDH Clinical Recognition Program is all about honoring those dental hygienists who stand apart from the rest. Nominate a deserving hygienist today—maybe it's you?


Ryan also created the Rutar Meditation Toothbrush Technique as a unique approach to integrate focused meditation to elicit brain health and proper brushing. This technique uses focused meditation to slow down the brain waves, effectively reducing stress. What's more, he's committed to creating an environment that is safe and inviting the LGBTQ+ community. He speaks with fellow hygienists and dentists to create inclusivity and cultural humility in health care.

Watch the video to learn more about Ryan Rutar and his many achievements in the field of dental hygiene.