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Chairside Impact: DentalPost.net

June 17, 2022
Amanda Hill, BSDH, RDH, reviews the DentalPost.net job board from the perspective of a job seeker and hiring manager.

Five years ago, I found myself in need of a job. After moving to a new city with my family, it was time to focus on me. At the time, I hadn’t looked for a job in 17 years. The last time I’d searched for work, my primary source was the newspaper, so I was a little unsure of where to start.

I started by creating a LinkedIn profile but only found jobs for nurses, doctors, or dentists, and I needed a clinical hygiene position. So, I Googled “dental jobs near me,” and found DentalPost.net with its long list of clinical dental hygiene positions all mapped out within a 10-mile radius. Eureka!

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What stood out most is that this job board was founded by Tonya Lanthier, a registered dental hygienist, so it’s specifically tailored to dental professionals. Even better, it’s totally free for jobseekers.

Building my profile was easy and resulted in a dynamic online profile that went well beyond a traditional résumé. The profile-building process started with a skills assessment checklist that laid out all of my professional skills in just a few clicks. It was so empowering to see all of my experience organized in front of me. A confidence boost is always important when putting yourself out there in the job market.

The best part came when I got to DentalPost’s free assessment tools. The DiSC, Emotional Intelligence, Core Values, and Culture
assessments opened my eyes to who I am and what I need to be happy. I knew I was tired of working for offices that focused only on money, which didn’t align with my values. I wanted to be at a practice that prioritized patient care and gave me a sense of belonging. I wanted assurance that my office had my back and I had theirs so we could all be successful.

Armed with this clarity, I applied for a job through the mobile app and headed off to my first interview. I felt confident in what I was looking for, and empowered to go out and find it because I went from searching for a job to searching for a work home—a place that aligned with my values and career aspirations.

How does this alignment happen? Employers also take assessments to help them find the right matches. I personally loved that my DiSC personality profile gave me the exact right words to answer the first two questions most commonly asked in an interview: “Tell me about yourself,” and “What is one of your weaknesses?” Instead of saying something like “I’m outgoing and a perfectionist, and I hate conflict.” I could proudly say, “My compassion for others allows me to quickly and easily build strong, long-lasting relationships.” And for a weakness, “I’m uncomfortable making difficult decisions that negatively impact others.” Wow! How awesome do I sound? So awesome that I got the job!

There are a number of other free resources on DentalPost to give candidates a boost in their job search. DentalPost’s annual Dental Salary Report helps you gauge how your compensation compares with industry averages. The Ultimate Jobseeker Guide gives step-by-step instructions and checklists from the interview to negotiating the offer, so you’re armed with the knowledge and confidence to make the best career choice.

Since my interview and landing the job, I’ve also used DentalPost to hire an office administrator, an assistant, and another hygienist. I was able to set up a unique profile page to highlight our practice, complete with photos and a tailored overview. The platform was great for keeping us organized throughout the process, from scheduling interviews to weeding out candidates that weren’t a good fit. It saved so much time and frustration.

While we were working hard to find the right candidate—not just a warm body—we used DentalPost to find temps so we didn’t have to cancel appointments. I think we can all agree that a bad hire is worse than a chaotic schedule. Job seeking and hiring should be the result of a good match, not just whatever happens to come along. DentalPost smooths out the entire process and enables everyone to find the right fit.

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