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PFAS, SOAP notes, the staffing shortage: A look back at 2022

Jan. 1, 2023
Education, inspiration, professional development: It's all here, and then some. Enjoy some of our top picks for 2022.

Every year, RDH editors and readers are blown away by the breadth of expertise from our contributors, and 2022 was no exception. From a deep dive into the potential dangers of PFAS in floss to a how-to on SOAP notes that hugely resonated with readers, our contributors provided a mix of content guaranteed to help you live your best work life.

We hope these picks inspire and educate you, support your professional development, and help you avoid burnout.

PFAS in floss: Bad for our health?

An article about coated floss prompted Kirsten Brancheau, to take a deep dive into whether polyfluoroalkyl substances—PFAS—on floss are truly a concern: “None of what I read on the EPA’s website was very reassuring to me. It seems that PFAS are everywhere.”

PFAS in dental floss

The value of SOAP notes

What is S-O-A-P about, and why should you be using SOAP notes to document your work? Because, author Diane Paz writes, “the number one way to protect yourself and your practice is to document, document, document.”

Are you writing SOAP notes? Here's why you should be

Redheads and anesthesia

The science on redheads and their sensitivity to pain is complicated, and readers were interested in learning why. As the daughter of a redhead, author Anne Nugent Guignon “simply wanted to know more about this complicated subject from both a personal perspective and how to better understand and manage pain from a patient perspective.”

Redheads and anesthesia: Analyzing the differences in pain perception

Rinse and spit … but with what?

With so many mouthrinses to choose from—all claiming some degree of efficacy—it’s easy to become confused. This gallery broke down some of the many choices.

Rinse and spit ... but with what?

Better than fluoride?

Although nanohydroxyapatite is not approved for use in dental products in the US, these hygiene students make the case that it should be.

Nanohydroxyapatite in dental products: Better than fluoride?

The 3 “ships” and the staffing shortage

Staffing shortages in dentistry have affected all areas of the profession. Author Bethany Montoya says it might not have to be that way and that focusing on relationship, ownership, and leadership can make all the difference.

The 3 "ships": Navigating the dental hygienist shortage

Should face shields stay?

The pandemic brought about unprecedented changes to dentistry, including the introduction of increased levels of PPE. Author Linda Rhoades makes the case for why face shields should remain an integral part of infection control protocols, regardless of other PPE requirements.

The case for face shields: Why they should remain the standard