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2023: The year of inspiration

March 21, 2023
This year, RDH magazine will provide you with that spark to give your career and attitude a boost. Watch for the numerous opportunities of inspiration coming in 2023.
Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH, Chief editor, RDH magazine

Inspiration has always intrigued me, as it can be considered a form of energy, and an enthusiasm that drives us to act. We’re all inspired in different ways, and sometimes we find a mysterious burst of energy when we least expect it. These moments of inspiration are exactly what we need to embrace each step of our personal growth.

Inspiration may be found in numerous ways, and it often takes us by surprise—a conversation at a dental conference, an educational program, moments connecting with nature, morning journaling, or quiet alone time. The secret little surge that pushes you forward may sneak up on you and entice you to act upon your passion or consider a new idea. It’s an emotional energy I would love to be able to bottle.

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Inspiration drives our career path, and in the dental hygiene profession, we’re required to advance and maintain a specific number of CEU to maintain our licensure. Many RDHs go beyond the required standards and look for additional opportunities to increase their learning, to seek the spark that may lead to improved patient care, a new idea, or sharing their new inspiration with their colleagues.

This month we recognize the PIRA (Patient Impact & Rise Above) program, which was designed to acknowledge dental hygienists who inspire us. A PIRA recipient is selected each month based on their personal achievements, and we share their stories with the RDH community. “We often hear that clinical hygienists are the foundation of the profession, but the reality is clinical hygienists are the entire structure,” said Carol Jahn, Water Pik director of professional relations and education. Next time you need that little spark, read an article about one of the PIRA honorees.

This year I will have the opportunity to record podcasts with dental hygienists who are living their passion, individuals who have been inspired and driven in their own ways. These recordings will be with hygienists I’ve spent time with but seldom in an atmosphere where I can embrace their focus and passion for our profession. The RDH Magazine podcast will broadcast every Thursday and will feature a short conversation with a dental hygienist who is striving to be a positive change in patient care and to bring awareness to the purpose of our profession. Each podcast provides a bit of inspiration that may be your driving force.

In 2023, RDH will provide you with numerous opportunities to be inspired through our content in the magazine, RDH eVillage, RDH Graduate, and the new RDH podcasts. We will offer four UOR Extended programs where you can acquire CEU from the comfort of your home. And we will once again provide you with career development programs at RDH Evolution, as well as at the largest dental hygiene conference in the nation, RDH Under One Roof, which will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, this year.

If you’re seeking that secret surge of energy to drive you into your next chapter, be sure to join RDH as we embrace a year of inspiration.

Editor's note: This article appeared in the March 2023 print edition of RDH magazine. Dental hygienists in North America are eligible for a complimentary print subscription. Sign up here.

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Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH | Chief editor, RDH magazine

Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH, has over four decades of continual career development and experience in dentistry. As the chief editor of RDH magazine, she strives to remain a proactive personality in the continual advancement of the profession. She has been defined as a motivated trendsetter and dependable colleague and is inspired by her true passion of helping others to achieve their personal goals.