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Whip Mix Corporation: Building on a tradition of success

Sept. 1, 2005
As a Kentucky-grown company that has been in business for more than 85 years, Whip Mix Corporation sometimes surprises people with its state-of-the-art products and sophisticated management.

As a Kentucky-grown company that has been in business for more than 85 years, Whip Mix Corporation sometimes surprises people with its state-of-the-art products and sophisticated management. Yet it is their friendly customer service combined with a commitment to quality and efficiency that has helped Whip Mix build a deeply loyal customer base and strong dealer partners ... and that winning combination has resulted in solid growth for the company. It is now estimated that three out of every four people with dental crowns have a crown made using Whip Mix products.

More reasons, one choice

For 85 years Whip Mix products have provided unparalleled quality and value
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Whip Mix has been a leader in the manufacture of merchandise and equipment used in dental laboratories since its founding in Louisville, Ky., in 1919. The company has grown this business and now sells products used in dental operatories as well. The company’s theme of “More Reasons, One Source,” reflects its commitment to expanding to meet its customers’ needs.

Family values

Steinbock family, from left to right: David Steinbock, Allen Steinbock, E.A. Steinbock III, Louise Steinbock, Anne Steinbock, E.A. Steinbock Jr.
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A family-owned business, the company is now headed by Allen Steinbock, grandson of the founder and son of the previous president, Edmund Steinbock, who still keeps a finger on the pulse of the company, using a golf cart to maneuver through the growing manufacturing facility.

Leading through product innovation

Whip Mix has expanded its laboratory product line both through internal product development and acquistion. From its first product, a dental inlay investment casting unit with a mechanical spatulator that whipped and mixed better than similar products on the market (and thus gave the company its name), the company has been known for innovative products, many of which provide significant advantages over competing products.

Commitment to the community

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At the heart of Whip Mix’s corporate culture is a desire to contribute to the community. The company has been a long-time supporter of Oral Health America. Whip Mix has also been a contributor to the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and Smile Kentucky Dental Care Outreach Program for school age children in the Louisville area. Allen Steinbock served as Board President of New Directions Housing Corp., through which the company sponsors two work days for employees to volunteer to repair homes owned by elderly or infirm residents.

Commitment to the dental industry

Whip Mix also contributes within the dental industry. Several key managers have served the Dental Trade Alliance, of which David Steinbock is now President. In 2004 the DTA gave Anne Steinbock the Julie Kastell Award, awarded for “excellence and innovation by women in dentistry.” Allen Steinbock serves on the Fund-Raising Committee for the Edward B. Shils Entrepreneurial Education Fund, and Whip Mix is also an active supporter of both the National Association of Dental Laboratories and the National Board of Certification (NBC) for dental technicians.

Commitment to dealer distribution

Whip Mix has built strong dealer relationships and maintains a commitment to supporting its dealer partners. The company recently reinforced that commitment through the addition of Bryan Murphy as Dealer Channel Manager. Frank Manfre, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, says: “Bryan brings over 20 years of experience in the dental market working with dealers and dealer buying groups.” In addition, Ron Stubbs was hired to represent Whip Mix in Canada to support the sales efforts in that important market.

World-class quality

Above all, Whip Mix maintains a commitment to product quality. The company is ISO-9001/2000 certified and maintains tight standards. Allen Steinbock serves as Chairman of the Louisville Chapter of the Center for Quality of Management (CQM a non-profit international consortium that promotes cutting-edge management practices that build upon a foundation of Total Quality Management and address the three areas critical to long-term business success: planning, operations, and managing change.

Whip Mixs Quality Control Laboratory tests every batch of gypsum and investment products under rigorous ISO quality system standards.
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“Over the past several years the senior management team at Whip Mix has utilized a variety of CQM tools for strategic planning. As a result, we’ve charted a new course as an ‘ambidextrous’ organization that builds on its existing foundation of core technologies while simultaneously exploring new opportunities and innovations,” says Steinbock.

Looking toward the future

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Whip Mix is committed to serving the needs of its laboratory customers while transitioning into a broader based company. “Over the next five years, Whip Mix will be introducing new products and services for the dental operatory,” says Frank Manfre. “We are actively researching and evaluating technologies that will make the dental professional more efficient. Whip Mix is one of the most respected and revered corporate brands in the dental industry. Through a stand-alone Innovation & Product Development Team structure, we will identify new technologies and deliver products and services backed by the kind of teaching, training, and technical support that has made Whip Mix a leader in the dental lab market.”

For more information about Whip Mix or to receive a Company Tour DVD, call (800) 626-5651 or visit Whip Mix Corporation may also be reached at P.O. Box 17183, Louisville KY 40217-0183, or by fax at (502) 634-4512.