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Meet the Mydent sales staff

Nov. 1, 2008
Andy Parker – chief executive officer/president – Mydent has been in the business of providing enhanced solutions for the infection control, disposables, and impression material systems marketplace since 1985.

By Andy Parker, CEO/President, Mydent

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Andy Parker – chief executive officer/president – Mydent has been in the business of providing enhanced solutions for the infection control, disposables, and impression material systems marketplace since 1985. Our experience in the dental industry runs deep, with Carl Parker, co–founder of Parkell Products, starting the family in dental supplies in 1956. In the past year, we have been able to position ourselves for expansion of our DEFEND brand products through better sourcing/manufacturing and aggressive marketing campaigns. Additionally, we restructured and added a few key players to our sales department so that we can better service our distribution partners. Mydent has “evolved” to meet the needs of the ever–changing dental industry landscape.

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Chris McDevitt – vice president of sales and marketing – Chris heads our sales department and brings with him more than 18 years of sales, marketing, and product management experience at both the wholesale and retail levels. I have always been impressed by how many people know and truly respect his abilities, and we are proud to have him as the “captain” of our sales team. In addition to acting as our sales manager, Chris also calls on key accounts and directs our marketing campaigns.

Gil Prokop – director of special markets – Gil was added to our sales team in June to help us build our presence in the special markets arena. He has extensive experience at both the wholesale and “direct” selling platforms and we feel he will be a tremendous asset to our company. The emphasis on this segment of the market will allow us to better service our customers and end users.

Craig Petralia – senior sales manager – Craig has been with Mydent nearly seven years. He came into the dental industry with no prior experience but has managed to grow his sales yearly with his aggressive sales approach. He prides himself on building relationships that are geared towards higher profit margins for his distribution partners.

Wayne Glassoff – sales representative – Wayne has been with Mydent for more than two years and came to us with a very diversified past that includes head research analyst for a boutique investment bank, business development manager for a startup Web site, and running his own successful eBay business. With the nurturing environment at Mydent, he was able to quickly learn about our product line and put his sales philosophies to work. Wayne has done well since he was brought on board but has really flourished over the past year with our new sales team in place.

Damien Bonner – sales representative – Damien is a relative newcomer and a dental industry rookie. He is a tireless worker with a strong desire to know everything he can about his company, products, and customers. His follow–up is impeccable and he has proven time and again to be a strong asset in our database management and fulfillment campaigns. He has recently been recruited by our special markets division to assist in its growth.

Mitch Rieders – independent sales representative – Mitch has been a Mydent family member for more than 18 years and knows our product line inside and out. He helped to build our company to what it is today with his tireless devotion to customer service and understanding his customers’ needs. Mitch now represents more than just the Mydent DEFEND product line. He is a key sales team member. Mitch covers accounts throughout the U.S.

Michael Casault – independent sales representative – Michael has been in the dental business for 37 years (specifically working with infection control products) and has worked as a retail representative as well as a manufacturing representative. Now an agent for Mydent, he understands the needs of the dealer as well as the needs of the end–user. His philosophy is, “Let’s work hard, keep it simple, and gear the results to your profitability.” Michael covers all of Canada.

Neal August – independent sales representative – Neal is a dental industry veteran and by his own admission not a “technical salesperson,” but more of a “let’s get down to business” type of person. Neal covers California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Alex Friedman – independent sales representative – Alex has been in the dental industry for more than 32 years and was executive vice president of Gerson Co., a manufacturer of dental/medical face masks, before joining Mydent 18 years ago. Alex handles export accounts in many different countries, and always attempts to make a positive difference in the businesses of our customers by providing the best possible customer service at all times, with the best possible pricing and the best possible products.

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Grace Tang (above, third from left) – director of Asian operations – Grace has been with Mydent since 2001. Prior to that, she was the export sales manager for North America and assistant general manager for two major manufacturers in China. Grace tries hard to understand her customers’ needs so that she can develop programs that make sense for everyone involved.

Cathy (above, far left) – sales representative – Cathy is a Mydent rookie who is on the fast track for growth. As a member of our Asian operations team, she will be looking for customers in South Africa, South America, Pakistan, Singapore, Japan, and India.

Rachel (above, far right) – administrative assistant – Rachel was Mydent’s second Asian division employee, under Grace Tang. Her duties include the administration of our Asian office, which includes importing and exporting and contact with our manufacturing partners in Asia. She has an administration background which has helped her greatly with her position.

Wendy Meng (above, second from left) – sales representative – Wendy is new to Mydent but brings more than eight years of international trade experience. She works all hours of the day and night. She always says, “When we treat our customers with our heart, they will respond [to] you [in] the same [way]. Of course, we are dealing with wonderful products which are helpful to our cause.” Wendy’s main areas of sales responsibility are the Middle East.