RDH Evolution 2024 is the place for you!

Jan. 25, 2024
Get the most out of your career by attending RDH Evolution. Hear from those who learned the many advantages firsthand.

If you want to evolve in your dental hygiene career, RDH Evolution is the conference for you. The support and insights you'll gain from your fellow hygienists is unparalleled. You'll meet RDHs who took the leap and are loving their careers now more than ever.

Don't know what your next move even looks like? Don't worry. The opportunities and ideas are endless at RDH Evolution. You'll hear from those who have chosen many different hygiene paths, and why one might be right for you.

Want to stay put in clinical hygiene, but youre interested in upping your game? RDH Evolution is still the conference for you. Clinical hygiene is as important now as it has ever been, and keeping passion alive in the profession is what RDH Evolution is all about.

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