RDH Clinical Recognition Program: Tiffany Summerlin, BSDH

May 16, 2024
Tiffany Summerlin's journey guided her to what has become her passion—public health dental hygiene. She's honored to be the May RDH Clinical Recognition Program recipient.

What sets Tiffany Summerlin apart from other clinical dental hygienists? Sue Scherer of Waterpik chats with Tiffany about her military background, and her current involvement in public health. Tiffany is the May honoree of the RDH Clinical Recognition Program, sponsored by Waterpik.

Tiffany explains how her background has helped her in her dental profession, and that she's never been one to take the "easy way." She figured out quickly that private practice wasn't right for her, and she remembered a speaker in dental hygiene school who discussed public health. Today Tiffany finds the environment to be an amazing opportunity and the perfect fit for her.

Sue asked Tiffany how she started her own mobile clinic. She shared her journey as an employee of the public health department that serves patients who otherwise might not have access to quality oral care.

Listen to what Sue and Tiffany, the May RDH Clinical Recognition honoree, discuss that may influence your dental hygiene career.

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