Keeping mental health top of mind

May 17, 2022
Today's focus on mental wellness comes on the heels of a rough couple of years. How have you held up? How have your patients held up? What are you doing to maintain your sanity? Gather some actionable advice in this gallery of articles.

Not in recent history has mental health received so much well-deserved attention. It's not just celebrities and athletes who need to take mental health breaks and maintain their bodies and minds—it's everyone who has plodded through the last two-plus years.

As depression, anxiety, burnout, and other conditions become more commonplace, staying focused on your own mental well-being and that of your patients is key to everyone's overall health. But how do you actually approach this tall order? 

Enjoy our new gallery featuring some popular articles from the last few years of this growing issue in society, and what dental providers need to know.

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