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Feb. 1, 2013
RDH Under One Roof is three days of dental hygiene education gold, and even though the vast majority (99%) of attendees believe they learned something that will help ...

by LAUREN BURNS, associate editor

How to take a break from RDH Under One Roof seminars

RDH Under One Roof is three days of dental hygiene education gold, and even though the vast majority (99%) of attendees believe they learned something that will help them in their career at the 2012 session, it's possible — even encouraged — to take a much needed break from the classes and the networking for some "me time."

If you're staying in Caesars Palace for the conference, you are close to some of the best amenities that Las Vegas has to offer. Let me introduce you to the best "me time" activities that Caesars and the shack across the street, the Bellagio, have to offer — from luxury to everyday shopping, Roman spas, salons that offer promotions such as "Makeup and Mimosas," and a pool oasis called "Garden of the Gods." You're welcome.

Studying in Style

The 2013 theme of Under One Roof is "Studying in Style," so you really have no excuse not to look your best at this conference. It's all about the work-life balance, so get started on adding more to the "life" part. Whatever you prefer to do in your free time — relax, exercise, be pampered — Vegas has it. Give UOR everything you have, and then pick your favorite activities for the week and start living.

Via Bellagio

If you want to explore all of the boutiques and malls The Strip has to offer, you can start at the aptly named "Via Bellagio," a row of high-fashion stores in the Bellagio that lines Flamingo road and separates the Bellagio from Caesars Palace. If you didn't feel Italian enough in Caesars Palace, head on over to Via Bellagio, where you can step into an Italian goods wonderland full of the scent of fine leather and fresh cash. Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Prada, and Gucci welcome you with Italian arms wide open, while Breguet, Chanel, Dior, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. surround you with their global luxury. It's a perfect location if you're staying in Caesars Palace.

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Maybe you're more of a thrifty shopper. Don't worry! Via Bellagio can be a fun daydream before heading back over to Caesars for the "real" shopping. The Forum Shops at Caesars boasts a wider variety of stores, some on the same level as those in Via Bellagio, and some on more of a "normal people" level. The mall itself is amazing, with what seems to be a moving mural of a life-like sky and fountains upon fountains where shows take place daily. The Fall of Atlantis and Festival Fountain takes place every hour on the hour (except for sleeping hours) every day. The show includes "animatronic statues (including a scary 20-foot winged dragon) while incorporating an awesome fire and water show," according to Vegas.com.

As for the shopping, The Forum Shops include Anthropologie (hello, eccentricities!) and True Religion, as well as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and Armani Exchange. In total, there are about 150 stores and restaurants in this mall, and none of them are the likes of Hot Topic or Claire's, because this mall is legitimate. And guess what? Carmine's (a famous New York Italian restaurant) is opening soon, and should be ready by UOR 2013.

Appian Way

Appian Wwway is a quieter area, dignified by a replicated, life-size statue of Michelangelo's David. It boasts more obscure stores such as Bernini Couture, as well as stores that contain items you might have forgotten at home, such as bathing suits and other Las Vegas poolside apparel. Want to get something for the jealous dental assistant at your office who didn't make the trip to Vegas? Appian Way is also the place to find items with the official Caesars logo.

Qua Baths & Spa

You're exhausted. Your feet hurt. You could use a facial and a massage, and you wouldn't mind just relaxing in a sauna for a bit. That's where Qua Baths & Spa comes in. Housed in Caesars Palace, the spa claims that an essential part of the Qua experience is their "unique Roman rituals." Based on Roman traditions in which people gathered to relax and converse with each other, the spa has Roman baths, a cedarwood sauna, an arctic ice room, a traditional Jacuzzi, a Laconium room, and a tea program, which you can participate in with your friends from UOR.

Feeling independent? There are a variety of solo treatments calling your name: facials, body treatments, hot stones, aromatherapy, chakra balancing (you know you want to try it!), and energy work. I don't know what most of these things consist of (honestly, I don't claim to know exactly what a chakra is or how one begins to balance it, but I guess that makes me American), but it sounds awesome nonetheless.

Feeling explorative? The Qua spa also offers a "Qua dream interpretation journey." Now you can finally find out what it means to have a recurring dream in which a turtle crosses the road. They use "traditional Jungian archetypes and various counseling modalities," so I'm sure you and your dream guide will figure it out. Additionally, there is an "aura-soma color series," in which you can sit through an hour-long consultation from a color doctor before getting a 75-minute massage. Feeling more stiff than explorative? The spa also offers tons of different types of massages, including one called "deep tissue surrender." Come on, you know you want to see those knots throw up some white flags.

Color Salon

After your tissues surrender, head over to Color Salon for a hair touch-up. A cut and color costs $125, but it will be worth it when you see how hair framing can drastically change your face shape — for the better! Just want a blow-dry for an evening out? That's a mere $35. What I love the most about Color Salon is that they offer promotions that are really fun, like "Makeup and Mimosas."

At the time of writing, Color Salon was offering this promotion, which featured a happy hour every day from 2 to 4 p.m. paired with a makeup application. In addition, they offer a complimentary product, valued at $25. Total cost? $75. Sounds like a win to me (as long as you get your money's worth in mimosas). Another promotion they had at time of writing was a "Tan and Teeth Whitening Package" for $150, which includes the safe tanning method of airbrushing combined with 15 minutes under blue lights.

Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

Once your tan has set and the mimosas have worn off, head on over to get a not-so-safe tan at the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. Situated outside of Caesars Palace, the oasis features six different pools, each under a different god's name and with corresponding qualities that match it to the god. For instance, there is The Apollo Pool, designed for "sun worshipping" since Apollo was the god of light and sun. Nice touch, Caesars.

Then there is The Fortuna Pool, named after the goddess of luck. Guess what this pool features? I'll give you a hint: Las Vegas, goddess of luck, pool. You guessed correctly! It's a swim-up blackjack table. To make it feel more legitimate (or to make you care less), there is a Scotch tasting menu. It wouldn't be gambling without Scotch! Now blow on those dice and let ‘em roll.

As a guest at Ceasars Palace, you get only the best in Las Vegas — including "preferred access" to two of the best Las Vegas golf courses, Cascata and Rio Secco. Not a golf pro? You can take lessons at the Butch Harmon School of Golf before heading on over to the green with your new friends from UOR and showing them what you've got. (Just don't tell them about the lessons you just took if you want to seem kind of awesome.) The Butch Harmon School features a 90-yard short-game hole as well as expert instructors who can utilize high-tech analysis to help you improve your swing. Once you're ready for the golf world, you can head over to Cascata or Rio Secco.

Now, about Cascata: it is ranked in the top 100 modern golf courses by Golfweek magazine, and it's the second best course in Nevada! They say it's as challenging as it is beautiful, so even if your thing just ain't got that swing, you can still enjoy the scenery.

What's that you say? You never were one to go for the second-best? Well, we hear that! After all, it's why you're at Under One Roof. Caesars understands the need to be number one, so they also offer the number one public golf course in Las Vegas, just 12 minutes away from the Palace. If your golf skills need to be tweaked, Rio Secco offers instruction as well as "challenging play and stunning scenery." Get your clubs out!

Speaking of Clubs

Under "Things to Do" on the Caesars Palace website, they list a million different places where you can experience the Las Vegas nightlife. Okay – not a million, but a lot. Here are the best places to go, according to Caesars:

Pure Nightclub features "progressive DJs" and fabulous views of Vegas. Like any place worth being in Vegas, it's a bit pricey. The website also offers virtual tours of each of these clubs, and I would recommend looking through the panoramic images, because this nightclub is kind of gorgeous. The inside features white furniture – tables, couches the size of beds, and floor-to-ceiling drapes. They also have a spacious patio which features plush furniture and more floor-to-ceiling drapes, along with gorgeous views of The Strip, including the lovely Eiffel Tower gloriously illuminated in the distance and surrounded by neon lights of every color and pattern from some of the world's most famous hotels and casinos. Maybe after a day at the pool, you can get your hair done and then head to Pure and soak up everything that is Vegas. Cheers!

If the club scene isn't for you, Caesars boasts of other nighttime hangouts, such as Shadow Bar, which is a laid-back lounge in Caesars Palace. You can also turn to the exotic and visit Cleopatra's Barge, a "floating" lounge designed to be a replica of the boat that transported royalty on the Nile in the time of Julius Caesar. There is also Galleria Bar, which is a relaxed lounge that offers live entertainment, the Seahorse Lounge, which Caesars terms a "relaxing respite" full of "design and whimsy," and the Numb Bar, which has a plethora of frozen cocktails to cool you down from the hot July heat.

Now that you know what's available outside of Under One Roof, you can begin to plan a healthy balance of work and fun. You only get to go to Vegas for UOR once a year, so give it everything you've got and get the most from it! RDH

Lauren Burns is an associate editor at PennWell Corp.

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