Plackers revisited and two new reads

Feb. 1, 2013
In 1972, just a little over 40 years ago, Plackers pioneered and patented the first disposable dental flosser.


In 1972, just a little over 40 years ago, Plackers pioneered and patented the first disposable dental flosser. Recently, I became acquainted with the Plackers Twin-Line dual action flosser. I have really tight contacts, and I must admit I really don't like to floss. The Twin-Line Flosser with its two parallel lines of Super Tuffloss make it really easy for me to floss and I love the advanced whitening formula to keep interproximal stains to a minimum between cleanings. The flosser also has a protected plastic pick in the handle that folds back into the handle after use.

In addition, Plackers has six other flosser styles:

  • Whitening Flosser with a right angle design
  • Micro Mint Flavored Flosser with Super Tuffloss and fold-away pick
  • GentleSlide Flosser slides smoothly between tight teeth and sensitive gums with a tartar pick on the end
  • Gentle Fine Flosser features a soft high performance floss that is especially gentle on the gums with a fold-away pick
  • OrthoPick Flosser has a thin flosser arm that slides between teeth and wires with a soft flexible pick to safely remove food debris
  • Kids Flosser showcase colorful characters that are fluoride coated in mixed berry flavor

In addition, Plackers makes their Brush & Learn toothbrushes in four different styles; ABCs, 123s, Barnyard Talk and Toothbrush Talk, which teaches kids how to brush. Each brush features a large on/off button, comfort grip, gentle bristles and a pedestal base to keep the brush standing upright. Plackers also offers interproximal brushes in straight and angled styles, floss threaders, and tongue cleaners.

I encourage you to visit their website (www.plackers.com) and check out the Kid's Club as well as the feature on oral health tips. Plackers also has a great FAQ section that patients would find helpful.

"Serdentity" is a new book by Elizabeth Sciarratta Dooher, RDH, who graduated from dental hygiene school in Rochester, N.Y., in 1988. I was privileged to read a pre-publication version of "Serdentity" and found it to be loaded with insightful and inspiring suggestions to enhance patient care and professional peace of mind.

In an interview, Elizabeth describes her book, "It is the how behind the what. It is the sum of my experience in self-exploration and acceptance that has allowed me to formulate a patient approach that is successful in most every kind of practice. My philosophy is based on my experience combined with a little scientific research; it works and it makes me a better professional."

Enjoy the following excerpt from the book:

"I noticed that patients were often in a foul mood. They were hostile. They misbehaved and didn't do what I needed them to. Didn't they realize I had a job to do? Why did they have to make it so hard? Again I felt personally responsible for patient's reactions and spent a lot of mental energy justifying myself in my head."

After reading "Serdentity," I would recommend it for any clinician who struggles and is frustrated with patient compliance. Elizabeth's book is available from Amazon.com and other retailers.

"Treating the Dental Patient with a Developmental Disorder," edited by two of our colleagues, Karen Raposa, RDH, MBA, and Steven Perlman, DDS, MScD, DHL, is also a worthy read. This collaborative effort comprised of 22 leaders in the field from all over the world contains a step-by-step guide to caring for patients with disorders like autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and learning disorders. Published by Wiley, this book bridges a gap in our professional training by educating dentists and hygienists on how best to communicate and treat patients who have developmental and intellectual disorders.

At one point or another, every clinician finds himself treating a patient with developmental disorders. To that end, this book would be a valuable part of every clinician's library as well as a great resource for every dental office. Order your copy today in Kindle edition for $54.99 or in paperback from Amazon.com.

As always, email me at [email protected], and tell me about your favorite product or a product you would like to see reviewed in this column. RDH

KIM MILLER, RDH, BSDH, is the co-founder of PerioFrogz.com, an information-based website providing free current oral-systemic research summaries and patient education downloads. Kim is also a coach with Inspired Hygiene, delivering customized hands-on training. She speaks internationally, writes writes articles and webinars, and enjoys clinical dental hygiene. Kim lives in Arizona and welcomes you to contact her at [email protected].

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