Martha Ramirez, BS, RDH

Meet Martha Ramirez, BS, RDH, Under One Roof Top Ambassador of 2021

Oct. 29, 2021
Every year RDH Under One Roof recognizes a Top Ambassador, a hygienist who can’t contain their enthusiasm for UOR and spreads it to others. Let’s hear from this year’s Top Ambassador!

For more than 20 years, RDH Under One Roof has grown to become the best conference for dental hygienists anywhere! For three days, hygienists gather to earn CE credits, discover new products and services, network and make new friends, and have lots of fun. The RDH Under One Roof Ambassador Program recognizes a Top ­Ambassador each year—someone who loves to spread the word about the conference. This year’s Top Ambassador is ­Martha Ramirez, BS, RDH.

Why was it important for you to share the UOR experience with your colleagues?

After what we went through in 2020 with our offices being shut down and the uncertainty of our profession in the midst of a pandemic, we needed to come together and support one another with camaraderie, encouragement, and just plain love—love for our profession, for our passion to care for people, and for our dental family who we spend more time with than our own family. This conference was very much needed, and it was in person, which made it all the better!

It was so nice to be among my peers. I met and hugged some amazing presenters and social media personalities who were gracious with their time, motivational with their words, and really wanted to share their journey and show the rest of us in the chairs that we all have something to share and give to our communities.

The majority of hygienists are women, and let’s face it, we are always wanting company. We even go to the restroom in pairs, especially if it’s somewhere unfamiliar. If there’s a sale on, don’t we tell the rest of the office? So let’s bring our buddies with us to RDH UOR! I did, and I’m so glad. RDH UOR was the shot in the arm we needed to refocus and reenergize our love for what we do every day.

And let’s not forget the vendors. New and improved gadgets and products—it’s always exciting to discover new favorites! Every single one of the vendors gave us the full treatment with explanations and great samples. The information we are bringing back will have everyone wanting to join us next year.

Some of my hygiene sisters on this trip are newer to hygiene and had never attended this conference, so they needed to see how wonderful it was for themselves. Now they are hooked. I can’t wait to make plans for Orlando in 2022! See you all there! 

Kirsten Brancheau, BA, RDH, has been practicing clinical dental hygiene since 1978. She earned an associate’s degree in applied science in dental hygiene from Union County College in 1977 and a bachelor of arts degree in English literature from Montclair State University in 1988. She is a member of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. Brancheau is also a freelance proofreader, editor, and writer. She can be reached at [email protected].