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Selecting a high-quality exam glove with ergonomics and clinician safety in mind

Sept. 22, 2021
Choosing the right medical exam glove for practicing dental professionals is vitally important. Ansell exam gloves are made with ergonomics and clinician safety in mind.

What are some important points to consider when choosing a medical exam glove for practicing dentistry?

Choosing the right medical exam glove for dental professionals is vitally important. Hand health, including protection from musculoskeletal disease, is an important area of concern with dental practitioners. Here’s some advice to consider when choosing a medical exam glove for dentistry:

  • Purchase from a trusted manufacturer.
  • Choose high-quality products to reduce the amount of rips and tears through daily use.
  • Choose exam gloves that help protect from musculoskeletal disease and promote proper ergonomics.
  • Choose an exam glove that suits your needs (e.g., wet grip, extra protection, low dermatitis).

Why is hand ergonomics so important in dentistry and what can practitioners do to protect themselves against musculoskeletal disease?

Dental practitioners rely on their hands as their most important tool throughout the day. There are a variety of repetitive hand motions associated with dental procedures, especially in hygiene. Utilizing exam gloves that are ergonomically certified ensures that your hands are protected from premature fatigue and other hand-health issues.

What is Ergoform technology and how can it help me?

Ergoform Ergonomic Design Technology enables Ansell to test and design single-use gloves that maximize worker productivity by minimizing hand fatigue and discomfort. Ansell gloves designed with Ergoform are strategically engineered to deliver high-performance musculoskeletal support and reduce the risk of ergonomic injury caused by prolonged or repetitive manual tasks. Ansell is the first single-use glove manufacturer to apply ergonomic testing and design to its products.

What are some of Ansell products that can help with my overall hand health as a dental practitioner?

Many of Ansell’s key dental styles feature Ergoform Ergonomic design technology. They include Microflex Ultraform, Microflex Xceed, Microflex Neogard, and Microflex Midknight Touch. All of these options are designed for dental professionals, offer a thin tactile design for confident handling of tools and instruments, and are of the highest quality standards.

Why shouldn’t I choose the cheapest glove available?

Since the onset of COVID-19, the entire industry has experienced a surge in demand for personal protective equipment. This has opened up the opportunity for nonexpert companies to source cheap products for markets across the globe. These products are known to use low-quality materials, making them easy to break and tear. They don’t provide the level of quality and protection expected from a quality exam glove manufacturer. Choose a high-quality exam glove from a reputable manufacturer.  

Jason Ghanny is the senior marketing manager for Ansell’s dental business. He holds an MBA in pharmaceutical management from Rutgers. He has experience with developing and launching numerous dental medical devices, focusing on understanding customers needs and delivering clinical solutions and education to dental professionals. Ghanny acts as a category expert in medical examination gloves at Ansell Healthcare and the exam personal protective equipment (PPE) industry.