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Jan. 1, 2009
A Topeka native, Kellie Brubaker has immersed herself in the community that has been her home.

A Topeka native, Kellie Brubaker has immersed herself in the community that has been her home. She practices in the dental office of the family's dentist.

“Dr. Jowett and his family have been close to my parents since they were in college, and he's been our dentist since I can remember,” Brubaker said. “He's a great employer with an ever-growing practice, and most of his staff has been with him since they started in dentistry.

“After doing a Junior Achievement internship in Dr. Jowett's office, I worked there part-time during and after high school, and they kept persuading me to go to hygiene school.”

But it's her passion for the local civic theater that is featured in the photos for this issue.

Brubaker started by bussing tables at the theater in high school before landing her first part in 2003. Last year, she played the lead character in “Cabaret.”

“I'd have to say that was my most exciting role to date,” she said. “The character is totally opposite of me and it was a new challenge. Singing, dancing, acting with a British accent, and drinking raw eggs night after night, for 20-plus shows. But that's the great thing about theater. I can work as a hygienist, leave work, go to TCT, get in costume and make-up and become someone completely unlike me and forget about all life's issues, I get to sing and dance and entertain people for an evening.”

She is currently the stage manager for a “Striking 12” production. The theater also introduced her to her fiance. They met in July 2007 during the “Buddy Holly Story.”

Kellie Brubaker, RDH
Topeka, Kansas
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Marital status: Single, but became engaged on Dec. 13th
Dental Hygiene School: Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas
Pets:Mya, a two-year-old rat terrier
Employer: Dr. Ted Jowett
First theatrical production: the master of ceremonies in “Chicago the Musical”
Most recent role: Sally Bowles of “Cabaret”