A Tribute to Esther Wilkins, RDH, DMD

Sept. 1, 1997

Cynthia Biron, RDH, Consulting Editor

Who is this lady who became a legend in dental hygiene?

Throughout the world, she is called the "Dental Hygiene Queen"

If you are a dental hygienist you surely know her name.

She`s the author of a textbook that has brought her much acclaim.

"Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist" is the book she wrote,

and with each new edition it becomes more difficult to tote.

She graduated from Forsyth so many years ago,

accomplishments accrued, are too numerous to show.

To name just a few titles - Doctor, Director, Trustee,

Graduate and Clinical Professor of Tufts University.

If you read about her accolades, you will find the list unending.

With just a glimpse you will know that more awards are pending.

Distinguished alumnus, excellence in hygiene, faculty awards,

honorary memberships, degrees, and trophies she hoards.

In dental hygiene school, Dr. Wilkins is your steady date.

Each night you study her written word until very, very late.

At meetings she is always surrounded by a huge crowd.

All trying to get a picture with her, it makes them each so proud.

Dr. Wilkins, we know most of us will never have your title.

But we can dream, and in our dreams, you`ll always be our idol.