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Sept. 1, 2007
How Dental Offices Establish Fee Schedules ...

How Dental Offices Establish Fee Schedules

Did you know the average fee for an adult prophylaxis is $78.30? Or that the average fee for one sealant is $49.90. Dental Economics presents some interesting statistics in its 2007 Fee Survey. The author, Tom Limoli Jr., writes, “The data in our survey offers every dental office a reasonable foundation to measure the appropriateness of a fee for a coded procedure.”

The fees discussed go beyond the preventive services that dental hygienists offer. Restorative and specialty fees (endodontics, periodontics, etc.) are covered in detail. In closing, Limoli advises, “Please do not trap yourself by attempting to establish your office fee schedule based on what some third-party payer reimburses at 65 percent of the 85th percentile. Your fees should be based on your overhead, expenses, patient base, and individual level of professional expertise.”

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