Getting the Most Out of Ultrasonic Scaling: A Guide to Maximizing Efficacy

March 14, 2017

A Peer-Reviewed Publication Written by Robin Cox, BSDH, RDH, EPP


Powered instruments have been part of dental hygiene treatment since the late 1950's. Over time new and innovative improvements to the equipment and tip designs have made ultrasonic scaling easier and more effective. Today's patients are in need of the highest level of therapeutic hygiene services available. With the reciprocal link between periodontal disease and several known systemic diseases, dental health care providers need to be knowledgeable about current treatment modalities and the evidence that supports it. This course is designed to aid the clinician in making instrument decisions to improve the quality of hygiene treatment provided to the patient.

Educational Objectives

At the conclusion of this educational activity participants will be able to:

1. List several key benefits of powered instruments over hand instruments
2. Describe the specific use recommendations for the various ultrasonic tip designs.
3. Utilize correct tip to tooth adaptation of ultrasonic instrument tips and inserts
4. Explain the influence and reduced efficacy of worn ultrasonic tips

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