E Cigarettes, Vaping and Chairside Education

Jan. 16, 2017

A Peer-Reviewed Publication Written by Jennifer S. Sherry, RDH, MSEd, Norine M. Blackstad, and Kasey S. Wheatley, RDH, BSDH


The use of nicotine vaporizers (vaping) and e-cigarettes or is one of the newest trends in the adult population. Besides causing harm to the lungs, vaping can have adverse effects on the oral cavity. Despite its negative consequences, the use of these devices is on the rise. Many health care practices are noting an increase in the practice of vaping; however, some professionals may not feel comfortable broaching the subject of its negative effects with their patients. Understanding this issue and having the ability to discuss these issues with patients and their medical care professionals will assist in better health practices.

Educational Objectives

At the conclusion of this educational activity, participants will be able to

1. Discuss the history of e-cigarettes
2. Identify the many contents in e-liquid
3. Understand the health risks associate with vaping
4. Utilize the educational flowchart in a clinical practice setting

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