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New gloves pamper dry hands
SmartPractice® introduces Le Soothe™ gloves with aloe vera and Vitamin E. The gloves are made of premium latex material for superior barrier protection. They are polymer coated to ease donning and powder-free to eliminate powder trails on clothing and in the office. The aloe vera extract and Vitamin E coating to the glove's interior help moisturize hands and nourish the skin. This results in a soothing, comfortable feeling the instant Le Soothe™ gloves are donned.

SmartPractice® offers a special introductory pricing. For more information, call a SmartPractice® glove specialist at (800) 522-0595, Ext. 555.

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Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush
Braun Oral-B® recently introduced the Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush, a battery-powered toothbrush that will offer the performance of a power toothbrush at an economical price to patients who want to improve their oral health.

The Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush features high-speed oscillating brushing action, pioneered by Braun Oral-B®, and includes other proprietary features that are unprecedented among battery-powered toothbrushes. The toothbrush includes the Oral-B® cup-shaped brushhead, which encompasses the whole tooth as it gently cleans, as well as patented Interdental Tips — two elevated rows of bristles — to penetrate hard-to-reach areas that ordinary toothbrushes may miss. The Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush also features patented Indicator® bristle technology to monitor brushhead wear.

Water-resistant, the Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush handle is ergonomically designed with a soft grip for full control, even when the toothbrush is wet, and is available in two color combinations: white/blue and white/green.

All Braun Oral-B® refill brushheads fit the new Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush, offering patients the widest choice of refills in the power toothbrush category.

The toothbrush is available for professional use at a reduced price. Patients may currently find the toothbrush in food, drug, and mass retailers.

For more information, visit

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Bibs offer maximum patient protection
Medicom now offers Dry-Back Dental Bibs in 2-ply and 3-ply protective thickness to avoid accidental spill penetration. Medicom bibs provide maximum protection with a unique horizontal embossed pattern and an extra-wide, water-repellent edge. Plastic backing increases tear-resistance. The large-size bib (13" x 18") increases coverage for optimal clothing protection.

Dry-Back Dental Bibs are available in a wide variety of colors: lavender, silver gray, blue, white, yellow, green, dusty rose, beige, peach, and aqua. New print designs available include healthy teeth and circus theme. The bibs are packaged in a case of 500.

To place an order, contact your local dealer. For product information, call (800) 361-2862 or visit

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Web site offers product information and educational information
Updated for easy navigation and communication between the user and company, the new Crosstex® Web site provides users with in-depth product information and educational information on the company's extensive line of infection control/disposable products.

The site is comprised of 22 product groupings, covering the company's complete line of products. Included is in-depth information on several commonly used, day-to-day products and answers to frequently asked questions.

For additional information, contact Crosstex® International at (888) 276-7783.

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Nupro White Gold™ maintains whitening results longer
Dentsply Professional announces one of the most significant patient-centered improvements to a take-home tooth-whitening system: Nupro White Gold™. New packaging features color-coded syringes with an integrated dispensing tip, a more rugged outer take-home container, and a new hard-plastic clamshell that holds six 3 ml whitening-gel syringes. Two clamshells are included with each patient kit of Nupro White Gold™, one containing four syringes, the other containing two. Each clamshell can serve as a rugged travel case.

Another innovative feature is the separation of the patient take-home materials land the dentist/laboratory components.

Nupro White Gold™ has been clinically proven to maintain whitening results for more than two years after treatment. For additional information, contact Dentsply Professional at (800) 989-8826, see your authorized Dentsply Professional distributor, or visit

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Bleach dilution just got safer and more efficient
Professionals using diluted 5.25% household bleach to disinfect surfaces in conformance with Center for Disease Control guidelines now have a safer and more efficient means of mixing and applying bleach at the recommended 10:1 dilution.

Take 5 has introduced its Activate® 10:1 Institutional Bleach Concentrate Dilution System, a unique two-bottle trigger sprayer that automatically dilutes special-formula bleach with water as you spray, so the solution is always active and accurate when you pull the trigger. The user simply fills and refills the water cartridge with tap water and locks in replaceable 11 oz. Activate® bleach cartridges as needed.

For more product information, contact Jason Strassell at (888) 582-2700 or [email protected].

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NeutraGard® Advanced
Pascal Co., Inc. introduces NeutraGard® Advanced 1.1% Neutral Sodium Fluoride with Cleaning Ability. The brush-on gel includes a mild dentifrice for added cleaning and removal of plaque. NeutraGard® Advanced significantly reduces root caries in adults while offering caries prevention in children. The non-staining formula is compatible with porcelain crowns, bridges, or composite restorations. Brush-on gel is used nightly in lieu of regular toothpaste.

NeutraGard®'s pleasant flavors, available in Wintermint and Cinnamon, freshen breath and promote compliance of daily application. For additional information, contact Pascal Co., Inc. at (800) 426-8051.

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Replaceable brush head for SpinBrush™
Crest announces that it will improve upon its wildly successful SpinBrush™ line of affordable electric toothbrushes by converting to replaceable heads on all of its adult model brushes. The new replaceable head models are available now at their original low price. The replacement heads come in packages of two, for the same price as the SpinBrush™.

For additional information about the SpinBrush™ and other Crest products, visit

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Dental supply catalog offers money-saving opportunities
Dentists and hygienists who prefer nationally known, name-brand clinical products will find savings on many of their favorites in the new SmartBuys catalog. The no-nonsense quarterly edition gets down to business in a hurry with five special offers from major manufacturers right on the cover — Dentsply Caulk, 3M, Premier®, Coltene Whaledent, and Kerr, plus one new SmartPractice® "house brand," SplatrFree™.

The catalog of products used every day in busy dental offices is updated quarterly to give customers more opportunities to take advantage of limited-time offers which typically expire before they can be included in an annual edition.

In addition to the many special offers and inventory-clearance discounts, over 125 new products are featured. Customers are also rewarded with free gifts just for ordering from the catalog. Office managers who have not received a catalog are urged to contact SmartPractice® at (800) 522-0800 to request their free copy.

New ultrasonic scaler has more power, less bulk
Amdent introduces the US 30 Piezo ultrasonic scaler fully loaded with features that benefit users and patients. Tips with linear movement produce very little noise during scaling and fast calculus removal, improving patient comfort. The patented autoclavable Quick-a-tip system integrates in one instrument a metal tip, sleeve, and wrench, resulting in easy, quick, and safe tip replacement.

For improved versatility, the US 30 can be offered with an optional endo switch for root canal work. Another option is a medicament dispenser with easy-to-replace reservoirs, fully autoclavable.

For more information, contact your local dealer or call DBI America at (800) 884-3507 to find the nearest Amdent representative.

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The New Hygiene Department
Are you producing at least 33 percent of your total production in periodontal services? Are the majority of the patients on six-month recalls?

In Allan Monack's book, you will learn how you can take your hygiene department to the next level. Most hygienists perform far below the industry standards. Why? One reason is because they may lack disease assessment skills or performance skills. The main reason, however, is usually because they don't know how to communicate to their patient of five years that they now have gum disease. This "how to" manual will help you to establish a protocol for you, the hygienist, to implement new strategies, formulas, and techniques for developing an ultra-successful hygiene department.

To find out more information on this product and McKenzie Management's other products, call (877) 777-6151 or visit

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Test detects oral malodor and periodontal risk
The BANA Test is a five-minute, inexpensive chairside test for malodor and periodontal risk. The result of 15 years of research and over 40 published scientific and clinical studies, the BANA Test is a major advance in the scientific detection of both oral malodor and periodontal risk.

The BANA Test offers clinicians the accuracy of a laboratory test in a fast and easy-to-use test strip. For malodor, a simple tongue swab is wiped onto the test strip. For periodontal risk, subgingival plaque is used. If the strip turns blue, it's positive for significant populations of P. gingivalis, B. forsythus, or T. denticola, all of which are highly correlated with oral malodor and periodontal risk. Despite its simplicity, low cost, and ease-of-use, the BANA Test is a highly sensitive and specific scientific test with exceptionally low false positive or negative results.

For more information, contact OraTec Corporation at (800) 368-3529.

Zilactin® products now sore-specific
The Zilactin® line of dentist- and pharmacist-recommended non-prescription, mouth-sore products feature bright new packaging, clearly positioning each product for specific indications.

  • Zilactin Cold Sore Gel creates a bandage-like film that lasts up to six hours, promoting healing and relieving pain.
  • Zilactin-L Cold Sore Liquid treats cold sores and fever blisters even before they break out. The liquid formulation contains lidocaine for strong pain relief.
  • Zilactin-B Canker Sore Gel treats painful lesions inside the mouth with benzocaine. The unique Zilactin bandage-like film protects the sore and holds the medication in place up to six hours.
  • Zilactin Toothache and Oral Pain Swabs and Zilactin Baby Teeth Gel also have the bright, new packaging.
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Zilactin products are available in drug, food, and mass merchandise stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dental/medical offices can also order single-use packages in handy dispensers from Zila Professional Pharmaceuticals at (866) ZILAPRO.

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Contact-Point Marker: A multi-functional instrument
Contact-Point Marker, designed by a Swedish dentist, has proven to be an indispensable instrument since its introduction two years ago. Originally designed for approximal contact points, CPM is ideal for a range of techniques in the dental practice. Fine steel separating strips or polyester abrasive and polishing strips can be easily placed in the fork of the instrument, where they are held tightly in place. Procedures such as polishing composite fillings can be done more efficiently.

HANEL Contact-Point Marker, HANEL foils and ROEKO steel separating strips, abrasive strips, and polishing strips are available through dental dealers.

For more details, visit and

Welcome to the next generation in oral hygiene
Americans spend over $1 billion a year on mouthwashes, breath mints, sprays, drops, gums, and other products that only mask mouth odor temporarily, not eliminate it.

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Dr. Wieder's Original Tung-Brush® and Tung-Gel® are said to be as vital to oral hygiene as dental floss. The brush looks like a toothbrush but was designed with the unique characteristics of a scrub brush to remove bacteria from the tongue's surface without damaging delicate tissue. Specially designed firm bristles reach into crevices and lift out bacteria where odor originates. The shorter bristles allow for easier access when reaching the back of the tongue where the bacteria thrive. The gel's special cleansing formula helps loosen and remove bacteria from the tongue's crevices. Research proves the most important step for curing bad breath is to brush your tongue as part of your daily hygiene regiment.

For more information, call Sarah Hall Productions at (212) 529-1598 or visit

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Ergonomics and ERGO-grasp
"The dental industry needs to take a hard look at how the hygienists and dentists actually use their instruments in performing specific procedures and the harmful effects that result," said Marann Ferranti, RDH, BS, a dental hygienist with 18 years experience and inventor of the ERGO-grasp. With statistics of up to 75 percent of clinicians having some form of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), and increasing numbers of dental professionals out of work, we urgently need to look at ergonomics.

Repetitive stress injuries caused by instrumentation resulted in multiple surgeries and consequently the end of Marann's career. During her rehabilitation therapy, she researched the causes of such injuries and discovered that the grasp of an instrument is of paramount importance in the cause or prevention of repetitive stress injuries to dentists and hygienists.

ERGO-grasp is easy to integrate, adapting the instrument of our choice to be ergonomically sound (thus cost-effective), and ERGO-grasp functionally addresses the stress force points put on our fingers, thereby providing a product specifically designed to lessen those forces and actually make our job more efficient, productive, and safer.

"With ERGO-grasp, my hope is to save you from suffering the premature loss of your ability to function in clinical dentistry. After all, your dental career is in your hands," said Marann.

For more details, call (866) 209-ERGO or visit