Tried and true

Jan. 1, 2009
Inches of snow piling up outside may restrict one's mobility, but creatively passing the time inside can be productive until the snow melts.

by Karen Kaiser, RDH
[email protected]

Inches of snow piling up outside may restrict one's mobility, but creatively passing the time inside can be productive until the snow melts. Being trapped inside may prompt you to consider options such as cleaning or organizing. Many avid domestics use the same household products they are familiar with when taking on cleaning tasks because the products have always proved to be reliable and predictable. For dentistry, we suggest reliable therapeutic products to our patients because results have been seen with continued use of the products.

Controlling destructive bacterial colonies inside and outside the mouth requires products that have proven performance. For harmful plaque removal inside the mouth, a tried-and-true device is the Oral-B® Triumph chargeable toothbrush. The Oral-B Braun power line has undergone many style changes through the years with published studies demonstrating that the bristle action safely removes plaque.

To help patients become more aware of their oral home care, a new level of technology is available in the Triumph with its wireless display SmartGuide. This LCD compact-sized screen is separate from the toothbrush and is placed near the sink. Resembling a sleek alarm clock, this pacer shows feedback and may just be the motivation some patients need to take their home care to a desirable level.

A commonly tried over-the-counter product recommended by dental professionals to deal simply with elevated plaque acids in the mouth after eating is chewing gum. But not all gums are alike or therapeutic.

Trident® has a new sugar-free chewing gum called Xtra Care™, which has the beneficial addition of patented Recaldent®. The tooth absorbs the useful Recaldent as the user chews the gum. Recaldent strengthens teeth with unique calcium derived from milk. This ingredient strengthens the tooth so the enamel dodges demineralization from acid attacks. Xtra Care gum is available in Peppermint and Cool Mint® gum flavors.

Another tried-and-true product used to inhibit destructive bacteria on teeth and tissues during and continuing even after brushing is Colgate® Total® toothpaste, with the active ingredients of sodium fluoride and triclosan. Total has distinctive antibacterial properties in its advanced formulas that not only fight bacteria on contact but also continue to protect tissues for an incredible 12 hours — confidently protecting long enough so that patients have the opportunity to brush their teeth again. With the unique copolymer, triclosan binds to the teeth providing antibacterial benefits even after eating and drinking. Patients have commented while they are in the dental chair that teeth feel cleaner longer.

Reinforce that clean feeling by showing patients their intraoral images from past recare visits so they can see how inflammation has subsided. Show those diligent patients that brushing with Total and your professional instruction have lasting benefits. Colgate Total is the only toothpaste with both the ADA seal of acceptance and FDA approval to safely fight gingivits, plaque, and caries.

Another product incorporates Microban to control the growth of a broad range of gram-positive and -negative bacteria by accessing the cell wall of thinner-walled organisms, thereby disrupting their metabolic function. Microban has also been incorporated in common household hard-surface items such as trash bags, utensil handles, and cutting boards, just to name a few.

Microban is surface suitable for dental products. Zirc Company has popular cassette systems for easy instrument organization and mouth mirrors, which incorporate the antimicrobial protection to guard against growing bacteria.

Severe winter weather may sometimes restrict your ability to get outside and be active. Bacteria thrive and are mobile in various conditions.

In all weather, turn to tried-and-true dental products that offer bacteria removal as well as antibacterial protection.

The author did not receive compensation for the products mentioned.