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  • Volume 43, Issue 10 (November/December 2023)
  • Volume 43, Issue 10 (November/December 2023)

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    Water Safety

    Dental unit waterline safety: What is (and isn't) going well

    Dental unit waterlines are a perfect environment for bacterial growth and have to be properly maintained for safety. But a new survey reveals that isn't happening, for a lot of...
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    Patient Care

    Grassroots survey results: Profisil Fluoride Varnish from Kettenbach Dental

    Nov. 29, 2023
    A grassroots team of evaluators recently tested Profisil Fluoride Varnish with their patients. Here are the results.
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    Thank you to members of the 2023 RDH Community Connections

    RCC Influencers are your dental hygiene peers who have gone the extra step to unify the profession. Find out what they each contribute to the profession.
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    Career & Profession

    Creating value in the dental hygiene profession: A patient-centered approach

    Assessing, diagnosing, educating, and coding—hygienists are juggling a lot. Here's a look at how focusing on fundamental principles maximizes the value of our services.
    Images courtesy of Pac-Dent
    Patient Care

    Chairside Impact: Pac-Dent’s ProMate EZ-Q Handpiece and AntiSplatr Prophy Angles

    Meet the newest members of Pac-Dent's preventive line, the ProMate EZ-Q Quick Disconnect Hygiene Handpiece and the redesigned AntiSplatr Disposable Prophy Angles.

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    Career & Profession

    Editor's note: Harness your Good Power

    Chief Editor Jackie Sanders urges readers to use their power for good.
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    Patient Care

    Is dentistry truly committed to combatting CIPD? A researcher's call for change

    Anne O. Rice interviews Dr. Tim Donley in the last of this four-part series. “It’s time for all stakeholders in medicine to realize that the most important health-care provider...
    19930250 © Zakaz | Dreamstime.com

    The tongue doesn’t lie: What it’s trying to tell us

    The tongue can be an obstacle to patient care, but it reveals a lot about our patients’ systemic health. Here are some conditions to watch for.
    55891852 © Catalin205 | Dreamstime.com

    Promoting health and wellness of dental professionals throughout their career

    Establishing a routine that emphasizes physical and mental wellness (such as yoga) can contribute to a longer, healthier dental hygiene career. These hygienists share what they...
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    Patient Care

    Identifying and managing trigeminal neuralgia in the dental office

    Trigeminal neuralgia is often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or underdiagnosed. Here’s what you need to know about this rare condition and its dental implications.
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    Patient Care

    Ancient tongue diagnosis for the 21st century dental hygienist

    Learning about the ancient art and science of tongue examination and diagnosis from traditional Chinese medicine can expand our knowledge and ability to help patients achieve ...
    102693071 © Agenturfotografin | Dreamstime.com
    Patient Care

    How to identify dental patients at risk for sleep-disordered breathing

    With thorough medical histories and knowledge in sleep disordered breathing, dental hygienists can help patients lead healthier lives.
    Image courtesy of Curaprox
    Patient Care

    Chairside Impact: The Hydrosonic Pro from Curaprox

    Oral hygiene can be a challenge for patients, but especially patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Electric toothbrushes are a game changer, and the Hydrosonic Pro is one...
    271280489 © Omdeaetb @ Dreamstime.com
    Silver Diamine Fluoride

    Not using silver diamine fluoride regularly? Here's why you should be

    Nov. 14, 2023
    Have you worked with SDF yet? If not, there are numerous reasons to try it, and numerous reasons to continue using it in hygiene practice.
    Dental CDT code D4910 versus code D1110

    The age-old question: Dental CDT code D4910 versus code D1110

    No dentist wants less money for themselves and more money for the carriers due to dental coding. But these two codes have had providers confused for decades.
    3027116 | Mouth © Vladimir Jovanovic | Dreamstime.com
    Burning Mouth Syndrome

    Burning mouth syndrome: Causes, signs and symptoms, and patient treatment options

    Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a debilitating chronic condition most common in middle-aged women. Here's what to know and how you can help your patients who have BMS.