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Chairside Impact: The Cosmo Face Mask by Cranberry

Sept. 30, 2022
Due to the pandemic, face masks have become part of our every day lives at home and at work. Bethany Montoya reviews the Cosmo face mask from Cranberry.

Face masks have been a part of the dental profession for decades now, but a little over two years ago we began to care a whole lot more about the quality of masks we wear while providing care for our patients! The pandemic has made us realize how important fit, filtration, and comfort are when choosing personal protective equipment (PPE) that we wear all day. While we hope the threat of COVID-19 ends soon, the increased measures that we have implemented in infection control will likely stick around for good. Cranberry has been a global leader in protective infection control solutions for many years, and their Cosmo 4-ply earloop face mask is sure to check off all your must-have boxes.

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The most important feature of the Cosmo mask is its ability to protect the wearer from exposure to particles, viruses, and bacterial pathogens. Airborne transmission of infectious disease is an ongoing occupational hazard for the dental professional, and this mask has been shown to be effective in shielding clinicians against harmful spatter and aerosols. A recent study conducted on various types of masks concluded that in order for a mask to be considered truly effective, it has to have a bacterial filter efficiency (BFE) of at least 95%, a particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) value as close to 99% as possible, and a fluid resistance of 160 mm Hg or more.1 The Cosmo ASTM Level 3 face mask meets these standards with a BFE equal to or greater than 99%, Delta-P breathability of less than 6 mm H2O, PFE equal to or greater than 99%, and fluid resistance of 160 mm Hg.2 In addition to the protective qualities of the mask material, the Cosmo offers both nose and chin adjustment strips, which allow wearers to create a custom, snug fit.

Another preferred quality of this mask is its unparalleled comfort. Unlike other surgical masks, Cosmo incorporates a unique quad-fold design that keeps the mask material away from the mouth and nose during wear. This exclusive fit allows for 15% more breathing volume within the mask, which results in a less-suffocating feel when compared to many others.2 In addition to its comfortable shape, a distinctive CoolSilk inner layer lines the Cosmo mask, which feels cool and soft on the skin. The CoolSilk material also eliminates the unpleasant tickling sensation that other mask materials tend to cause during wear. These features make it easy to wear the Cosmo mask for several hours without difficulty breathing or material irritation.

The last feature worth mentioning about this mask is its unique visual appeal. Typically there aren’t many options when it comes to the color and design of disposable masks, but Cranberry has made the Cosmo available in three distinct colors: Comet Blue, Galactic Green, and Stellar Purple. These aren’t the flat, boring colors that are common with most mask materials. Each variation is two-toned and iridescent, resulting in a unique, dynamic look. The Cosmo’s subtle flair is sure to complement your style, no matter what your daily clinical attire entails.

The face mask is a critical component in every dental professional’s PPE armory. Protection against spatter and aerosolized pathogens is its chief function, but long-wear comfort comes in a close second. Cranberry’s Cosmo mask accomplishes both tasks with ease, providing strong air filtration and an advanced fit design. To top things off, they’re easy on the eyes! The Cosmo mask is an excellent option for clinicians looking for both superior function and style. 

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