Product Report

Product Report

Brasseler Forza V3
Brasseler Forza V3

Brasseler USA recently introduced the Forza V3 Piezo Ultrasonic System, which features LED illumination, a slim handpiece design, and an intuitive interface. The Forza V3 is available in both fiber optic and non-fiber optic models, and has a wide range of piezo ultrasonic tips available. The system requires less water to control heat and operates with little to no vibration, increasing overall tactile feel.



Procter & Gamble recently introduced Crest Sensi-Stop Strips, which uses the company's strip technology to relieve tooth sensitivity. The flexible, transparent strips are applied directly to sensitive areas to alleviate pain. The company recommends applying one strip for 10 minutes for quick relief from pain.


Young Hygiene Handpiece Press Release 1

Young Dental recently introduced the Young Hygiene Handpiece that has a contra-angled connector to attach the handpiece to air tubing at a 45-degree angle. The angled connection helps reduce cord drag aggravation. The handpiece's engraved matte grip rotates 360 degrees, reducing the need to shift the wrist as often during polishing. The Young Hygiene Handpiece nosecone and motor easily detach into two parts for fast preparation and thorough sterilization.


Easybrush Standard Fluoride

DenTek Oral Care recently launched its Easy Brush interdental cleaners, which feature a mint-flavored fluoride coating on the bristles. Easy Brush has a conical tapered brush that narrows at the tip to comfortably enter tight to standard spaces, and the wider bottom brush end cleans gaps around trouble spots.


Spirit 3300

Pelton & Crane recently launched its Spirit 3300 dental chair, featuring the Narrow Back Advantage. The narrow backrest, coupled with the new ability for the chair to go lower to the ground, enables ideal oral cavity access for practitioners of any stature in a comfortable ergonomic position. The Spirit 3300 also offers patient comfort with slow release foam, contoured armrests, and ErgoSoothe massage technology.


Syringe Tips 250 Assorted

Crosstex International recently introduced Sparkle Disposable Air/Water Syringe tips. The Sparkle tips feature a four-part "Quad Core" air channel that keeps water and air flow separate and distinct for specific procedures. The tips also connect directly to all air/water syringe handpieces without the need for an adapter. Sparkle tips also have a beveled edge on each end, increasing patient comfort and preventing O-ring instrument damage.

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Ws Packaging

Diatech recently announced its Hygienist Choice Whitening Dental Strips. The no-mess, dry-touch strips are used only once a day for 14 days. Application requires only four steps. The three-layer formula uses non-slip technology to adhere to teeth.

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25113 Vanilla Nitriles

Plak Smacker recently launched the Perfect Touch vanilla flavored nitrile exam gloves. Perfect Touch gloves are medical-grade, powder-free, ambidextrous, and come in a blue color. The textured design provides tactility and grip. Sizes range from extra small to large and come in 100- or 200-count boxes. All Perfect Touch flavored gloves meet or exceed American Standard Test Methods.

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Bite Chek Pa

Microcopy recently introduced the Bite-Chek articulation film with an "easy-grip" handle to simplify occlusal equilibration adjustments without the need for forceps. Bite-Chek accurately marks the points of contact, minimizing the possibility of "too high" an occlusion that can account for post-operative tooth sensitivity. Bite-Chek's thin profile helps patients close their bite completely, eliminating mandibular reflexes that can skew the occlusion.

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75fresh White

DenTek recently introduced Fresh & White Silky Whitening Floss Picks. The shred-resistant floss contains silica to polish away food and plaque, and it promotes a whiter smile. Mint flavor crystals leave patients with a fresh, clean feeling.


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