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Getting ready for the tooth fairy

Jan. 21, 2015
Now that the holidays are behind us, the next big event your child or grandchild might be looking forward to is a visit from the tooth fairy.


Now that the holidays are behind us, the next big event your child or grandchild might be looking forward to is a visit from the tooth fairy.

Complete Tooth Fairy Kit

I'd like to introduce you to the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit. These kits are hand crafted by Baby Tooth Album, Inc., in Encino, Calif. This kit has everything you will need to cherish your child's toothless smile and celebrate the tooth fairy tradition. These charming kits are packaged with a blue or pink theme. The kits will soon be available with the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake characters.

Each kit contains a "magical" satin drawstring tooth/coin pouch, a tooth fairy door hanger to remind the "Fairy" to stop by, and a letter on special tooth fairy stationery that can be customized and cherished. The satin pouch is perfect for under the pillow so the Tooth Fairy can retrieve baby teeth and leave behind a few coins or dollar bills.

In addition, each kit contains a handcrafted tri-fold flapbook measuring approximately six square inches with a place for the child's picture on the left and a baby tooth chart on the right. The centerfold features a circular plastic baby tooth organizer with a clear rotating cover to keep baby teeth safely inside and organized. The tooth chart provides space for special notes and dates to keep track of your child's or grand child's toothless smile.


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The complete tooth fairy kit retails for $25.95 and is the newest edition to the lineup. A Baby Tooth Memory Book with multiple pages is also available for $19.95. The flapbook may be purchased separately as can the pouch, door hanger, and baby tooth organizer or baby tooth case.

You can see all five products when you visit You may also find them in 300 Hallmark stores nationwide, and they will soon be available at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores. What a great way to carry on the tooth fairy tradition!

New AirFloss Pro

Recently released by Philips Sonicare, the new AirFloss Pro features improved technology and design. The Triple-burst technology delivers three bursts of air and liquid micro-droplets to remove plaque along the gumline and interproximal areas. The auto-burst option allows the user to choose between the "press and release" manual burst or holding down the button for continuous automatic burst mode. In addition, the customizable burst settings allow for the option of single, double, or triple bursts.

The newly designed high-performance nozzle features a softer, more comfortable tip that delivers a wider spray to cover more interproximal tooth and gum surface. The reservoir has a 50% larger opening than the previous model for easy filling. The lithium-ion battery holds a charge for up to two weeks. The AirFloss Pro is packaged with a two ounce sample of Philips Sonicare's BreathRx.

According to the manufacturer, cleaning between the teeth takes just 60 seconds. In a survey of U.S. users, 95% of inconsistent flossers who tried AirFloss Pro said it was easy to use, and 89% said it was easier to use than string floss. In a lab test, AirFloss Pro removed up to 99.9% of plaque biofilm in the treated area.

Recently, 340 dental hygienists participated in an in-practice study. They selected 670 inconsistent flossers with mild to moderate gingivitis to try AirFloss, and over 95% of them showed improvement in gum health. More than eight out of 10 said they loved using it and wouldn't want to give it up. The hygienists who participated in the study saw improved oral hygiene in 96% of their patients, and 95% of the hygienists said they would recommend it to their patients who do not floss.

Check out the new AirFloss Pro for yourself by visiting

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