Product Report

July 10, 2015

DrQuickLook recently introduced the SD Plus Camera System, an intraoral and extraoral camera. The handheld, portable camera system with a touch screen delivers images that can be saved or reviewed instantly with a reusable memory card. Images can be saved to any practice software, and no integration is required. There are no USB cords, and the memory card can be used to print.

Visit drquicklook.com

PopWhite recently launched prophy paste, Power of Pure. Some patients are allergic to the dyes, flavors, and fluoride that many prophy pastes contain. Power of Pure offers a formula that is free of fluoride, dye, flavor, wax, and oil. The paste can be used before sealant applications, bonded restorations, and orthodontic banding and bracketing. The paste has a low splatter, medium grit formula.

Visit popwhiteusa.com

Lares Research recently introduced the Pastel Prophy handpiece. The Pastel Prophy handpiece features three removable pastel-colored (pink, blue, and green) nose cones for enhanced asepsis. The nose cones quickly snap on and off the motor and swivel 360 degrees for fatigue-free maneuverability. The Pastel nose cones accept all disposable prophy angles with a friction grip chucking system. The handpiece is constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Call (888) 333-8440 or visit laresdental.com

PerioSciences LLC recently launched Dry Mouth AO ProGel and a new mild formula of its Hydrating AO ProRinse. The products, along with the established Hydrating AO ProRinse and AO ProToothpaste, provide a complete Hydrating Oral Care System. The brand continues the company's support of antioxidant-based products. The antioxidant gel of Dry Mouth AO ProGel helps with replenishing moisture and freshening breath.

Visit periosciences.com or call (800) 915-8110

3M ESPE recently introduced Elipar DeepCure-S and Paradigm DeepCure LED Curing Lights. The DeepCure LED Curing Lights have optimized optics for delivering a beam that is more uniform. Both models provide intuitive two-button and single-mode operation, and no toggling between settings for optimal performance. The lights provide approximately 120 minutes of consecutive cordless curing time.

Visit 3M.com/CuringLights