Product Report

Oct. 28, 2015

O'Nano Oral Solutions recently debuted a new line of ultra-soft toothbrushes for patients with gum disease or sensitive gums. O'Nano designs and forms each individual bristle to precise specifications. The company sells its toothbrushes to consumers via Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and its own website.

Visit o-nano.com or call (800) 712-8150

Swanson Health Products recently introduced My Magic Mud Tooth Whitening Powder. My Magic Mud features activated coconut shell charcoal to scrub the teeth clean, and calcium bentonite clay to lift toxins out of the gums and teeth, improving overall dental hygiene of the mouth. Wildcrafted mint and organic orange peel extract helps eliminate bad breath and reduces stains. My Magic Mud can be safely swallowed.

Visit swansonvitamins.com

Young Innovations Inc. recently introduced SmartSelect Selective Polishing Paste, which includes a stain remover and polishing paste in a single-unit cup. The SmartSelect paste is gluten-free, has fluoride, and is sweetened with xylitol. The polishing paste is available in 125-count boxes in mint and in assorted flavors (mint, cinnamon, and clementine).

Visit youngdental.com

A-dec recently introduced its A-dec 500 stools with a new lever-style foot control. Both the doctor's and assistant's stools feature a seat designed on a suspension frame, which flexes and conforms to the body's every move. The easy-to-access paddles are micro-adjustable for each user and task, allowing practitioners to remain in an ergonomically healthy posture throughout the day.

Call (800) 547-1883, ext. 4042

Young Innovations Inc. recently introduced Vera Advanced Bright Prophy Paste, which contains a proprietary mixture of baking soda and pumice to break down stain molecules and neutralize pH during polishing. Vera Advanced Bright Prophy Paste is available in Stain Remover (medium-coarse grit) and Polish (fine grit), and the flavors include Arctic Mint as well as assorted (Arctic Mint, Cinnaburst, and Berryblast).

Visit youngdental.com