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NUPRO® White Varnish

Aug. 8, 2013
We have all come to know NUPRO as Pioneers in Protection™. This new product delivers rapid fluoride release in a uniquely formulated varnish for hypersensitivity relief.

by Joe Blaes, DDS

from Dentsply Professional

We have all come to know NUPRO as Pioneers in Protection™. This new product delivers rapid fluoride release in a uniquely formulated varnish for hypersensitivity relief. NUPRO White Varnish claims to release seven times more 5% sodium fluoride than its competitors over a two-hour period. A much shorter wear time is required for this new product, which will please patients. This product has been designed for easy handling and application. It can be applied to a wet tooth surface, which eliminates often painful drying of the tooth surface. It is uniquely formulated to minimize clumping of the material and has no annoying dripping or stringing. The product is easy to see during application and it sets to a clear finish, which patients like. NUPRO White Varnish spreads easily on teeth, leaving a uniform layer of the material. The packaging handling options take advantage of NUPRO's unique snap-on prophy grip that can be held between the fingers, or it can rest on its base on a tray. NUPRO White Varnish comes in grape and raspberry flavors.

For more information or to request samples, call 800-989-8826, visit, or email [email protected]. My hygienist, Karen, enjoys the convenience of this product.

To have Dr. Joe Blaes present his lecture, "Pearls For Your Practice®," for your study group or dental society, please call (866) 274-4500.

FlexCare Platinum Power Toothbrush

from Philips Sonicare

is the next level of innovation for power toothbrushes. It uses a dynamic yet gentle action to deliver deep cleaning between teeth. There are several unique features. I can personally comment on the first, which is the new InterCare Brush Head. I received some of these new brush heads at the ADA meeting last October, and I've been using them on my Sonicare Diamond Clean ever since. At my hygiene appointment a few months ago, Karen asked me what I'd been doing differently since she noticed my tissue looked healthier and all my pocket depths were twos and threes with only one four. I told her the only thing I had changed was the brush head. So, I've been very anxious for the new FlexCare Platinum to launch because I want my patients to be able to experience the new brush head. It launched at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, in March, and at the CDA in Anaheim in April, to crowds of people. The new InterCare brush head has strategically-placed longer bristles for an enhanced interproximal cleaning and improved plaque removal along the gum line. FlexCare Platinum provides more choices for a customized brushing experience with three modes — clean, white, and gum care, and three intensity settings — high, medium, and low. There is a new pressure sensor built directly into the handle (no external components) that gently resonates to alert the user when too much pressure is applied. This gives us all interactive guidance for a proper brushing technique and a more customized brushing experience, which is important since no two patients are alike. The design uses high quality materials and finishes with a textured handle to provide stability while brushing. It is available with or without the brush head sanitizer.

Contact your Sonicare representative to set up a demonstration or to buy a specially priced trial, unit or visit for more information.

iProphy Air

from NSK Dental

is a new air-driven prophylaxsis motor. The good news is that the attached nose cone will accept any disposable prophy angle, so you can continue to use your favorite prophy angle with the iProphy Air. The new ergonomic design from NSK has reduced the weight of the unit considerably, and has also reduced the length of the handpiece. This weight and length reduction should be a great help to
the health of the hygienist by giving him or her a handpiece that has better balance, which will reduce the muscle and joint pain that hygienists so often experience. The iProphy Air swivels at your fingertips, providing excellent maneuverability during polishing procedures. The hygienist will find that the unit is slimmer than some others, giving it a much better feel overall. NSK ultra-precision micro machining technology has been applied to all parts of iProphy Air, which remarkably reduces vibration and noise to the lowest level. Hygienist and patient comfort will be greatly enhanced with the iProphy Air's virtually silent operation. The iProphy Air will work with all standard plastic and metal angles and connect directly to all four-hole tubing. The nosecone conveniently separates from the motor. The bottom line is that this slim, short, and lightweight handpiece provides good balance and less fatigue for the dental hygienist.

Visit or call 888-675-1675 for more information.

To have Dr. Joe Blaes present his lecture, "Pearls For Your Practice®," for your study group or dental society, please call (866) 274-4500.

Air-Flow Master Piezon®

from EMS.

My policy whenever I receive a hygiene product for evaluation is to give it to Karen, my trusted hygienist. EMS may not be a familiar name for you in the hygiene products industry, but I am aware of the Swiss company because of their very large presence at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. I have often wondered why we did not see more of them in the United States. Karen has been using the EMS system for the last few weeks and tells me she is amazed by the innovation they have brought to the area of sub- and supragingival air polishing and scaling in just one unit. Karen tells me that the unit has no buttons or knobs. She uses the awesome "Swipe Technology" to change the settings for both handpieces, making infection control superior and easy. The water unit is easy to fill, and it heats the water for the sub and supra air polishing, making this a wonderful experience for the patients. Wow, a warm water air polishing experience – I can hardly wait for my next appointment with Karen. She feels that the Piezon ultrasonic scaler is totally awesome (there is that word again), since it delivers a virtually painless treatment for the patient and is very gentle on the gingival tissues. The encased tip holder makes changing tips the easiest ever. You never have to physically touch the tip. The linear oscillating action of the tip while aligned with the tooth surface achieves smooth tooth surfaces.

The treatment site visibility is perfect with the LED light in the handpiece. The Air-Flow Master Piezon is also an effective tool to combat periodontitis or periimplantitis. The Air-Flow totally blasts plaque and stains – both supragingival and subgingival – right before your eyes, and yet it is so gentle to the tissues. Both handpieces are magnetically secured to the sides of the unit, making them easy to remove and store. This is a must-see product from EMS!

For more information or to schedule a demo, visit or email [email protected].

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