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What to See CHICAGO MIDWINTER 2016 Feb. 25-27 Chicago

Feb. 17, 2016

Booth #1225


What's here: The Monarch Surface Disinfectant provides you with a fast, effective, and easy way to clean and disinfect your hard surfaces throughout the office. The ethanol-based, bleach-free formula delivers a broad-spectrum efficacy that kills TB, MRSA, HIV, HBV, polio, and 20 other pathogens in just one minute. Monarch wipes (7 inches x 9 inches) are 56% larger than standard wipes, covering more surface area and using fewer wipes. The Air Techniques spray application comes in an economic 32 ounce bottle.

If not in Chicago: Visit airtechniques.com

Booth #1817


What's here: Ivoclar Vivadent believes OptraGate, a latex-free lip and cheek retractor, is easy to use, quick to place, and comfortable for the patient. The lip and cheek retractor is now also available for children in two new colors, blue and pink. The soft, flexible material gives in to movements of the mouth in a controlled manner. The new color variations impart a playful aspect to the treatment situation and facilitate relative isolation in young patients.

If not in Chicago: Visit ivoclarvivadent.us or call (800) 533-6825

Booth #1607


What's here: Spark from Orascoptic is a patent-pending cordless headlight that dispenses weight evenly across the frame bridge, minimizing concentrated facial pressure. The headlight integrates with virtually any loupe. Capacitive touch controls enable the clinician to turn the headlight on and off with ease in between procedures and patient consultations. Additional features include a low battery indicator and a versatile micro USB charger for convenient on-the-go charging.

If not in Chicago: Visit orascoptic.com

Booth #2011


What's here: The Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser has been introduced. This is a great solution for patients who want the convenience of cordless water flossing without the need to charge the unit. Battery operated and portable, it's perfect for use in smaller bathrooms or for travel. And it's waterproof, so it can be used in the shower. Includes a travel bag and plug, and three AA batteries.During the meeting, a trial unit special is only $29.99.

If not in Chicago: Visit waterpik.com

Booth #2034

Shield Force

What's here: Shield Force Plus is a quick and durable solution for treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity. With a one-step procedure and a 30-second application time, results are immediate and long lasting. Once light cured, Tokuyama Dental America's patented "double block" technology provides a 10μm coating layer over resin tags permeating 50μm deep for up to three years of relief without the assistance of glutaraldehyde and without impacting the bond strength.

If not in Chicago: Visit shieldforceplus.com

Booth #3805


What's here: The Air-Flow handy 3.0 PERIO portable air polishing unit enables dental practitioners to efficiently, safely, and comfortably perform air polishing treatments in any operatory. Designed with a team of ergonomics experts, the slim handpiece is easy to grip and rotate, while the position of the powder chamber ensures an unrestricted view of the patient's mouth. Simply connect the handy 3.0 PERIO device to your dental unit for a simple and convenient subgingival air polishing experience.

If not in Chicago: Visit Hu-Friedy.com or call (800) 483-7433

Booth #3800

Premier Dental

What's here: Premier Dental is big on its Big Easy Implant magnetostrictive inserts in 25K and 30K frequencies. The innovative design features a permanently attached tip made from PEEK polymer. The tip will safely and quickly clean around implant structures without damaging the surface. PEEK is autoclavable, will not scratch, and is extremely durable for long lasting performance. During the meeting, buy two Big Easy Implant Ultrasonic Inserts and get one free (must be purchased at meeting).

If not in Chicago: Visit premusa.com or call (888) 670-6100

Booth #4011


What's here: Keystone Industries recently launched its newest addition to the company's Pro-Form Mouthguard line, the PF2 mouthguard. Unlike laminated mouthguards products that require a custom fit for the patient, the PF2 mouthguard is a do-it-yourself guard that gives the best fit possible without taking impressions of the teeth. The price is significantly lower than custom-fit mouthguards while still providing high-impact protection. The PF2's unique design allows it to be re-fit by the user multiple times as well.

If not in Chicago: Visit keystoneindustries.com or call (800) 333-3131

Booth #4114


What's here: VOCO is promoting Profluorid Varnish, a thin, great tasting, white transparent 5% sodium fluoride varnish. Profluorid seals off the dentinal tubules and offers high immediate fluoride release to relieve hypersensitivity, setting up in seconds after contact with saliva. It's available in adult dosages (0.4ml) and children's dosages (0.25ml). Profluorid Varnish has an easy, non-messy single-dose delivery system (available in 50 and 200 pack), making the application headache-free for clinicians.

If not in Chicago: Visit voco.com

Booth #4201

Sunstar Americas

What's here: Sunstar Americas recently announced that GUM Paroex (chlorhexidine gluconate USP, 0.12%) Oral Rinse, the only FDA-approved alcohol-free CHX, is now available in a convenient four-ounce size as well as the original 16-ounce size. Paroex's lack of alcohol enables a practice's entire patient base to have access to the same standard of care for the treatment of gingivitis. Find out how Paroex is able to eliminate alcohol without sacrificing therapeutic efficacy at www.paroex.com.

If not in Chicago: Visit paroex.com

Booth #4600

GC America

What's here: GC America Inc. is promoting MI Paste Plus, a water-based dentifrice cream containing sodium fluoride and Recaldent (CPP-ACP: casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate). The level of fluoride is 0.20% w/w, (900ppm). When CPP-ACP is applied in the oral environment, it will bind to biofilm, plaque, bacteria, hydroxyapatite, and soft tissue, localizing bio-available calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. Saliva will enhance the effectiveness of CPP-ACP, and the flavor will help stimulate saliva flow. The longer CPP-ACP and saliva are maintained in the mouth, the more effective the result.

If not in Chicago: Visit gcamerica.com

Booth #4219


What's here: CloSYS Oral Health products are non-irritating and great for sensitive mouths. CloSYS uses a patented Cloralstan formula naturally activated by the amino acids in saliva. Once activated, CloSYS helps protect teeth and gums without discomfort. CloSYS products are alcohol-free, sulfate-free, and pH balanced. CloSYS helps with: mild to moderate sensitivity and dry mouth; strengthening enamel; and is hygienist recommended to help relieve canker sore or chemotherapy sores.

If not in Chicago: Visit closys.com

Booth #4316


What's here: Aurelia is introducing Sonic Nitrile Gloves, another great innovative nitrile glove from the maker of Amazing Gloves. They are made from the company's customized formulation to adapt seamlessly to the way your hands move throughout the work day or night. Sonic also delivers a soothing indigo blue to keep you looking your best no matter your circumstances. The gloves are packaged 300 pieces per box.

If not in Chicago: Visit aureliagloves.com

Booth #4800


What's here: Enamelast by Ultradent Products, Inc., is a 5% sodium fluoride varnish with a patented adhesion-promoting agent for enhanced retention, allowing for superior fluoride release and uptake compared to the leading competitors. Created in response to overwhelming demand for an effective varnish that doesn't leave an unsightly and gritty residue, Enamelast allows patients to leave the dental office with teeth that feel clean and smooth. In addition to its silky texture, Enamelast appears nearly invisible against the teeth.

If not in Chicago: Visit ultradent.com