May 25, 2016

MyntSmile by MyntSmile

Myntsmile is a toothpaste cream developed to preserve and protect all cosmetic dental work. The "post care maintenance" cream helps protect gloss and luster, and brightens porcelain. MyntSmile creates smoother surfaces and protects the surface layer. The toothpaste cream offers less abrasion than commercial toothpaste, yet offers caries protection too. The formula safely removes surface stains to whiten teeth.


Wow Cup by Wow Gear

The Wow Cup is a spill-free drinkware line featuring a 360-degree Even-Seal drinking edge that automatically seals itself after drinking. The Wow Cup's drinking edge helps toddlers develop the oral and motor coordination to transition into an open cup. The drinking edge design allows the tongue to function more naturally, providing a natural feeding transition from a bottle or breast.


Fast Sync Technology by Demandforce

Fast Sync Technology is a free upgrade at Demandforce that prevents outdated appointment reminders. Fast Sync Technology increases the frequency that data from a user's business management system is synchronized with Demandforce. Syncs happen as frequently as every five minutes. When a Demandforce customer's client changes an existing appointment, that information is updated in the business management system.


Dessert Trio prophy paste by Young Dental

The Dessert Trio prophy paste, part of the company's D-Lish prophy paste line, features strawberry cheesecake, sugar cookie, and triple fudge brownie flavors. D-Lish prophy paste has a smooth texture and pumice-based formula designed for easy application and improved stain removal. D-Lish Dessert Trio Prophy Paste is gluten-free, contains 1.23% fluoride ion, and xylitol, and is available in assorted 200ct bags in coarse grit.


GUM Crayola Tropical Twist toothpaste by Sunstar Americas

GUM Crayola toothpaste features a Tropical Twist fruit punch flavor. The company also distributes GUM Crayola flossers, manual, power and timer-light toothbrushes, and the Squeeze-A-Color toothpaste. The toothpaste contains recommended levels of fluoride for protection against cavities. The toothpaste has a flip-top cap with a smaller opening to ensure less mess and no waste.

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Sterile Mini 90, Mini Ergo by PacDent

The Sterile Mini 90 and Mini Ergo disposable prophy angles are pre-sterilized for patient safety, reducing the risk of infection during a hygiene procedure. The Sterile Mini 90 and Mini Ergo also feature the smallest profile and head on the market, while incorporating Pac-Dent's performance-proven gear and drive shaft technology to ensure quiet sustained power.

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Cox Sterilizer by CPAC Environmental Solutions

The COX Rapid Heat Model 6000 provides FDA-cleared instrument sterilization of wrapped instruments in 12 minutes (six minutes unwrapped) with no drying cycle. The sterilization system does not require the use of any water, steam, or toxic chemicals. Drying cycles are eliminated, and, with the absence of water, steam, and chemicals, there is no corrosion, pitting, or dulling of instruments.

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