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1st annual Readers' Choice awards: Readers choose their favorite dental products and companies

Jan. 12, 2016
RDH readers tell us what their favorite dental products and companies are

Dental hygienists express much admiration for a variety of products in the dental marketplace, as well as for the people and companies who produce them. RDH magazine conducted a survey of 391 U.S. dental hygienists to determine the Readers' Choice Awards depicted in this article.

Craig Dickson, the publisher of RDH magazine, said "RDH magazine is pleased to announce the creation of the 2015 RDH Readers' Choice Award. A support system of manufacturers and educators is needed to help today's dental hygienists support and care for their patients.

"These awards are based on surveys to our readership during 2015. This is the inaugural year of the Readers' Choice Awards, and we congratulate all of the 2015 recipients."

Game Changer in Dental Hygiene

Readers' Choice: XP-Technology

Sharpen-Free Instruments

(American Eagle XP Instruments)

Fact you may not know: American Eagle is often asked if sharpen-free instruments can be sharpened anyway. The company's website response is: "Due to a thinner blade design, we do not recommend that you sharpen your XP instrument."

Website: am-eagle.com

Favorite In-Office Preventive Product

Readers' Choice: Dentsply NuPro Prophy Paste

Fact you may not know: The prophy paste contains NovaMin, which is a calcium phosphate technology that can reduce sensitivity.

Website: dentsply.com

Company Most Supportive of Dental Hygiene

Readers' Choice: Colgate Palmolive

Fact you may not know: Many hygienists consider membership in the company's Oral Health Advisory Board to be a badge of honor in their careers, and the company's support of continuing education is extensive. The consumer products company was started in 1806, and it introduced its first toothpaste in 1873.

Website: colgateprofessional.com

Favorite Home Care Product

Readers' Choice: Philips Sonicare

Fact you may not know: Sonicare officially debuted in 1992 after an entrepreneur with a background in electrical engineering, and two University of Washington dental professors, spent several years creating and testing prototypes.

Website: philipsoralhealthcare.com

Favorite Patient Education Tools

Readers' Choice: Colgate

Fact you may not know: The website's Oral Care Center virtually answers any question patients may have about dental care, not just home care strategies.

Website: colgate.com

Favorite Pediatric Product

Readers' Choice: Zooby

Fact you may not know: Zooby's animal-themed pediatric products include prophy pastes, angles, and varnish. But the Zooby bibs are likely the most entertaining for young patients, allowing them to choose between five Zooby characters.

Website: denticator.com

Favorite Ergonomic Product

Readers' Choice: Orascoptic Loupes

Fact you may not know: Now a member of the Kavo Kerr Group, Wisconsin-based Orascoptic was started by a dentist in 1981.

Website: orascoptic.com

Product Our Readers Couldn't Live Without

Readers' Choice: Dentsply Professional Cavitron

Fact you many not know: Cavitron introduced the first standalone ultrasonic scaling system in 1957.

Website: cavitronsystems.com

Most Effective Dental Hygiene Educator

Readers' Choice: Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP

Fact you may not know: RDH magazine readers are familiar with her monthly column about occupational health, but the Houston dental hygienist lectures across the country on a variety of topics. She recently spent her 66th birthday in San Francisco, lecturing to 500 dental professionals about biofilm.

Website: anneguignon.com

Favorite Infection Control Product

Readers' Choice: Kerr TotalCare CaviWipes1

Fact you may not know: CaviWipes1, a surface disinfectant, does not contain bleach or other toxic chemicals, yet disinfects surfaces in one minute in a variety of environments, including, of course, diaper changing stations.

Website: kerrdental.com