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Product Report: July 2017 issue of RDH magazine

July 1, 2017

Sonicare DiamondClean Smart by Philips

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart provides an intuitive brushing experience with its Smart Brush Head Recognition technology and brush head replacement reminders. The Smart Brush Head Recognition technology prompts the brush handle to automatically select the optimal brushing mode and intensity level. The reminders alert patients when it’s time to replace a brush head via both the handle and app. A location sensor, scrubbing sensor, and pressure sensor guide the patient, and four high performance brush heads are available for plaque control, whitening, and tongue care.


PainFree Gel by Parkell

PainFree Gel features a 30-second treatment for desensitizing with a thick gel consistency that remains on the tooth. The medication provides immediate relief from painful cold stimuli. PainFree Gel seals the tooth’s open dentinal tubules with a unique tri-polymer formulation penetrating deep down the sidewalls and grafting the molecules tightly to the calcium in the hydroxyapatite. A kit Includes two 3ml syringes of PainFree Gel, 20 Needle Nose intraoral applicator tips, and instructions.


BioCoat by Premier

BioCoat, a bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant with patented SmartCap technology, offers an extended release of fluoride and remineralization ions. SmartCap technology incorporates patented semi-permeable resin microcapsules. In BioCoat, the rechargeable SmartCap microcapsules are filled with ionic solutions of fluoride, calcium and phosphate, which diffuse in and out of the sealant.


CloSys by Rowpar Pharmaceuticals

The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs recently accepted the CloSys rinses for both its unflavored and Gentle Mint formulas, based on the council’s finding that the product is safe and has shown efficacy in helping to abolish malodor when used as directed. CloSys products are non-irritating and also help reduce plaque without the burn, foul taste, or discomfort associated with other oral products. Rowpar manufactures CloSys toothpaste, mouth rinse, and breath spray.


XyliGel by OraCoat

XyliGel helps reduce plaque and new cavities in brace wearers who experience food and plaque buildup. By applying XyliGel between the brackets daily, brace wearers can help prevent new cavities. XyliGel helps to neutralize acids in the mouth with a pH of 7.4 and coats the mouth with xylitol to reduce new plaque formation. XyliGel is effective for both daytime and nighttime use.


Vega Oral Care System by Stella Life

StellaLife recently announced the launch of a new line of products for oral pain management, accelerated healing, and long-term oral healthcare. The Vega Oral Care system is formulated to improve dental postsurgical recovery and optimize oral systemic health. The system consists of three natural products: a gel, a rinse, and a recovery kit that contains a spray in addition to the gel and rinse. They also contain anxiolytic properties to help reduce anxiety associated with dental procedures. The spray is for sublingual application, the gel is a topical application, and the rinse is a mouthwash that is antimicrobial and enhances wound healing.

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Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Gel by Cetylite

Cetacaine now features a cool mint flavored gel and is indicated for anesthesia of accessible mucous membranes. Cetacaine comes available in three forms: liquid, spray, and gel. The gel form, which currently comes in a strawberry flavor, is applied with a cotton swab or micro brush to the site where pain control is needed prior to injection and treatment. Cetacaine Gel reacts with body temperature to melt and absorb quickly into tissue, and distributes evenly and consistently. Cetacaine Gel offers a choice for practices looking for an alternative to benzocaine-only formulations.


Purekey’s Hygienic Keyboard by Productive Practices

Productive Practices new Purekey’s Hygienic Keyboards are dental/medical keyboards that combine a completely flat top with the tactile feedback of a normal keyboard. The flat top surface is made of a high grade silicone rubber and can be cleaned with any dental/hospital grade disinfectant. Cleaning time can be accomplished in less than 5 seconds.

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