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Chairside Impact: PetitePearl prophy angle by Kerr TotalCare

June 1, 2020
Jessica Raymond-Albritten reviews the PetitePearl prophy angle by Kerr Totalcare.

Hygienists all look for different features in prophy angles. In offices that have a team of hygienists, it can be difficult to find a prophy angle that satisfies everyone with its benefits and results.

The new PetitePearl prophy angle (Kerr TotalCare) is the angle that everyone likes. This company, which produces CaviWipes and other infection control products, is now prodviding this innovative prophy angle, which was designed to help hygienists be more efficient and effective in bacteria and stain removal while improving the quality of care for patients.

The slim head design helped improve the visibility and allowed for better access into areas that are typically hard to reach with other prophy angles that I have used. I also found the grip of the prophy angle to be ergonomic and fit comfortably into my fingertips.

When using for the first time, I immediately noticed a smooth glide rather than a slight vibration when controlling the cup along the gingival margin. Because the angle moved along effortlessly the polishing procedure seemed to take less time.

One of my favorite discoveries is that, due to the slim head design, the PetitePearl can not only be used on adults but also on children without compromising patient care. Often adult prophy angles can be difficult to adapt for pediatric patients, resulting in splatter and ineffective bacteria and stain removal. With the PetitePearl, I found it adapted to primary teeth just as well as permanent teeth while remaining effective.

The PetitePearl design also allows for improved subgingival access and has exterior ridging, which allows for better stain and bacteria reduction in the hard to reach areas. In addition, the angle was just as functional on my cordless handpiece.

The unique ridge style also helps to reduce excess aerosols and splatter, and limits the challenge of roping saliva, all of which are concerns to the practicing dental professional.

My colleague, Amber Metro-Sachez, also noted how there was virtually no splatter and how easy it was to adapt to the distal buccal of maxillary permanent molars. We both agreed one of our most memorable features was the ability to access more subgingivally then with the prophy angles we had been both using.

The prophy angle is also available in a soft or firm cup design, allowing for the ability to order what each hygienist likes at an affordable price point.

The PetitePearl is very diverse in features. This petite prophy angle packs a big punch in the operatory when it comes to polishing. The Petite Pearl is everything you need in a slimmer design prophy angle. 

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Jessica Raymond-Allbritten, BASDH, CRDH

Jessica Raymond-​Allbritten, BASDH, CRDH, practices dental hygiene at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, Florida. She was a member of the 2015 Colgate Oral Health Advisory Board, and she is currently a contributing author for the Colgate Oral Health Advisor web page. You may contact her at  [email protected].