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Dec. 1, 2010
ConFirm Monitoring's Digital SoftX Foam Sensor Loops feature an adjustable loop design that cinch tightly for accurate, comfortable digital images ...
ConFirm Monitoring announces foam sensor loops

ConFirm Monitoring's Digital SoftX Foam Sensor Loops feature an adjustable loop design that cinch tightly for accurate, comfortable digital images and then open easily to eliminate pushing and pulling on delicate digital sensor wiring. Soft foam construction provides comfort for pennies per patient. SoftX Digital Sensor Loops are available in two sizes – one for all size 2 sensors and phosphor plates and one for all size 0 and size 1 sensors and phosphor plates.
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EMS introduces two products

Electro Medical Systems (EMS) recently announced two products.The company's miniMaster LED, which is a stand-alone unit with its own liquid supply, now comes with an Original Piezon handpiece LED for circular light emission. In addition, the Piezon Master 700 combines the Original Piezon LED handpieces and the i.Piezon module for enhanced instrument movement.
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Dentisse incorporates natural clays

Dentisse Natural Reflection toothpaste uses a refined kaolin (a natural white clay) as a cleaning and polishing
agent. The kaolin-based formula used in Dentisse Natural Reflection toothpaste is a low-abrasion, stain-prevention/removal system. The kaolin clay is purified and refined to produce flat-surfaced particles with microscopic ridges. Bentonite, another natural clay, is used in the formula to give the toothpaste a creamy consistency. The mint flavor comes from peppermint oil.Visit
SecureFit addresses fitting issues in face masks

Crosstex International recently introduced SecureFit earloop medical face masks. The masks enable wearers to quickly and easily adjust the mask for a more secure and customized fit. The SecureFit Isofluid, SecureFit Procedural, and SecureFit Ultra masks each comply with a specific ASTM performance (fluid resistance/filtration) classification.
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DentalEZ creates hygiene kit in honor of DEZiree blog

The DentalEZ Group, which produces a dental hygiene video blog featuring "DEZiree," recently introduced DEZiree's Hygiene Solution.The kit includes StarDental's hygiene handpieces, the Prophy Star 3, and the Titan Blis-sonic ergonomic Sonic Scaler, as well as a variety of components including a 4-line swivel, disposable scaler tips, and an assortment of autoclavable soft grips. The kit represents a 20% savings when compared to purchasing the items separately.
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Sheer White! films mold to teeth during whitening

The CAO Group, Inc. recently introduced Sheer White! teeth whitening films, which consist of thin, flexible films plus 20% carbamide peroxide gel. SheerWhite! teeth whitening films mold to individual tooth shapes, ensuring complete contact of Sheer White!'s whitening gel to enamel and effectively preventing washout or leakage down the patient's throat. SheerWhite! films are discreet; patients are able to speak clearly, and films can be worn anytime. The Sheer White! Introductory Kit contains six Patient Treatment Kits, and the Sheer White! Bulk Kit contains 24 Patient Treatment Kits. Each Patient Treatment Kit provides a complete five-day whitening regime. SheerWhite! has an 18-month shelf life.åCall (877) 236-4408 or visit Pro assists caries detection

The CarieScan PRO is a small, lightweight, battery operated device that is automatically calibrated and Bluetooth enabled. The device assists detection of caries, providing accurate and repeatable data with its AC Impedance Spectroscopy Technology. CarieScan PRO quantifies dental caries by measuring changes in tooth mineral density.
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Young Dental announces Zooby varnish

Zooby 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish features a thin and clump-free varnish formula designed to provide optimal fluoride contact time. The varnish dries clear without unsightly residue and is available in a gluten-free flavor, Turtle Melon (watermelon). Each box contains 100 varnish applications, two UltraBrush Applicators, and 0.5 mL unit-dose varnish cups that fit into the included autoclaveable Turtle Zooby gripper. Contact (800) 325-1881

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