Run at an EZ Pace

Aug. 1, 2008
To finish a marathon is quite a physical feat. The distance of just over 26 miles takes a great deal of preparation, stamina, and a strong determination ...

by Karen Kaiser, RDH

To finish a marathon is quite a physical feat. The distance of just over 26 miles takes a great deal of preparation, stamina, and a strong determination to accomplish something that disregards when your body has been pushed to and beyond the physical limit. A marathon is not for the leisurely jogger. Instead, the race is for the trained athlete who has an enormous amount of strength and willpower. Drinking fluids to stay hydrated, pacing the speed, and breathing rhythmically are all factors to finishing the distance. A marathon may not be on top of your personal list of things to accomplish. But keep in mind that — when the dental office feels like it is running at a monotonous marathon pace — products that are time-conserving and easy-to-use should be integrated into use.

Various products in the office that are both easy to use and straightforward save valuable prep time. For example, Young Dental packages its D-Lish prophy paste together with a prophy angle in its EZ-Paks. The packaging allows the clinician to conveniently assemble the angle and paste chairside. Also, the D-Lish paste is identified quickly, because the paste is colored by grit, making it easy to select what is wanted either in mint, cherry, or grape. Of the Young Dental brands, four top-selling angles and cups are combined in the EZ-Paks.

Cross Country Meets Cross Contamination

Running many miles requires shock-absorbing shoes if you want to avoid possible injuries on a hard road. To make the hard surface less traumatic, custom-fit shoes help to absorb the impact. For hard, nonporous surface disinfection in the dental operatory, try EZ-Kill disinfecting wipes by HealthLink. These deodorant cloths are premoistened in a ready-to-use pop-up dispenser. This low pH formula offers a kill time of five minutes on Staphylococcus, tuberculosis, herpes SV2, influenza A, and several others pathogens along with a 1-minute kill on HIV.

A stretching exercise also helps to get the body ready for a long run.Stretching is an important step for a runner — much like preparing dental instruments for sterilization. Presoaking heavily soiled dental instruments is the job of an enzyme cleaner. All-purpose cleaners are ideal for presoaking, using in an ultrasonic cleaner, or as a possible evacuation system cleaner. Enzyme cleaners, such as EZ-Zyme from Miltex, are concentrated liquid cleaners that are available in gallon dispensers, complete with pump or individual packets, which remove residual mucous and tissues from dental and surgical type instruments. EZ-Zyme works well to free debris (without hand scrubbing) from hard-to-reach instrument surfaces and crevices.

Another easy cleaner is the ProEZ 2 by Certol. This enzymatic detergent works to gently dissolve debris using a low-foaming formula which is noncorrosive and compatible with most types of rubber, plastic, and metal. The product is supplied in unit-dose tubes as well as an economical gallon size. ProEZ foam, also by Certol, is an enzymatic spray that works well when soiled instruments cannot be decontaminated promptly. Simply spray the foam product directly on the used tools. This will keep moisture on the instrument so debris does not dry in crevices and will also kick off the cleaning action.

Evacuation lines and tubing require maintenance. Dental debris which clumps and blocks the system causes loss of or poor suction chairside. There are evacuation cleaners which work to easily free debris and perform the needed maintenance inside tubing before they clog and occlude the vacuum lines. Vac-U-Ez by Dental EZ dissolves organic materials as it runs through the suction tubing. Biotrol's Atomizer has tubes to simultaneously do three suctions, cleaning up to three operatories. Air mixes with the cleaning solution and this creates a 360-degree contact with the suction tubing as it runs through the lines and cleans. A minimum amount of downtime is needed as the cleaner completes the process in two to four minutes.

Setting a Pace

A seasoned runner is aware of the need to learn how to pace the run and manage the distance of the stride distance. The objective is to finish the race without becoming excessively tired. Having the ability to shorten or lengthen strides is important when conserving energy.

When there is little space between tooth embrasures, select floss which easily slides between. Sunstar offers GUM Eez-thru floss and Eez-Thru flosser. Eez-Thru flossers are single-use disposables with mint-flavored Teflon-type floss pre-strung on an easy-to-grip handle. The green handle also has a slightly curved pick side for tracing and dislodging plaque at the gumline. The GUM Eez-Thru floss is resistant to shredding while sliding through spaces, around bridgework, or while being employed by a floss threader for maneuvering under fixed retainers.

In addition, make prophy polishing easy with the new Eez-Touch disposable prophy angle also by Sunstar Americas. The angle has a comfortable, latex-free cushion grip and sports a soft and firm cup or a tapered brush.. A gloved finger securely rest on the angle, and the clinician will notice less overall angle vibration thanks to the cushion grip.

EZView Clear Pocket mounts for X-rays make mounting and protecting exposed films simple. Rinn offers vinyl clear, black, or green-masking mounts. Different styles are available in convenient custom cut or FasTear mounts. With economical roll dispensing, just pull out the necessary number of flexible pockets and tear or cut as needed, mounting vertical or horizontal films.

Rinn Corp. also offers an easy method for mouth positioning with their EZ-Prop mouth prop. The prop is a disposable, sturdy Styrofoam that is tapered. For convenience, it has a hole in the prop which floss may be threaded through to make certain of an easy exit when the procedure is through.

Finally, for easy labeling of operatory instruments, Zirc Company offers EZ ID rings and tape strips that make it simple to group instruments collectively for procedures.

Marathons are hosted across the world to challenge athletes. Choosing products that enable the practice to run at a smooth pace does not pose a challenge when EZ is put into practice.

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Karen Kaiser, RDH, graduated from St. Louis' Forest Park dental hygiene program in 1994 and currently practices at the Center for Contemporary Dentistry in Columbia, Ill. She has written several articles for RDH and other publications, sits on dental hygiene panels, and is an evaluator for Clinical Research Associates. She can be contacted at [email protected].