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May 1, 2001
NUPRO Prophy Paste introduces two new flavors: Cookie Dough and Zinnamon.

Cookie Dough, Zinnamon prophy paste

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NUPRO Prophy Paste introduces two new flavors: Cookie Dough and Zinnamon. Younger patients will love the hints of vanilla and chocolate in the Cookie Dough flavor, while adults will appreciate the zingy, zesty flavor of Zinnamon. These two additions make NUPRO the line that offers the widest selection of great-tasting flavors and grits available. NUPRO, as always, delivers excellent stain removal and polishing in an always-consistent, splatter-free formula.

Both new flavors are available in fine, medium, and coarse grit.

For additional information, contact your authorized DENTSPLY Professional distributor, call (800) 989-8826, (in Canada call (800) 263-1473), or visit

Professional Tooth Whitening System

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Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc. introduces its Professional Tooth Whitening System. This kit contains a 19 percent carbamide peroxide, fresh mint-flavored gel with a neutral pH and high viscosity, allowing for maximum tooth adherence during treatment. It is contained in a unique, easy-to-use "accordion" squeeze bottle (no syringes) for simple dispensing. In addition to this full one-oz. gel, the kit also contains an Oxyfresh low-abrasion toothpaste, patient and doctor instructions, two Vacu-form resin mouthguard sheets, a shade guide, and a retainer.

For more information and special introductory pricing on the Oxyfresh Professional Tooth Whitening System, call (800) 540-7656.

For additional information reguarding Oxyfresh dental products, contact Jodi Smith at (509) 924-4999, Ext. 126 or e-mail [email protected].

Reach® Whitening Floss

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Johnson & Johnson gives your patients another reason to floss: Reach® Whitening Floss. It is the only floss said to be clinically proven to whiten between teeth where stains form most (in controlled clinical studies).

The innovative, silica-coated floss gently polishes away stains.

The floss is shred-resistant, slides easily between teeth, and is gentle on gums.

It can be used alone or as adjunct to other whitening products.

For more details, contact Johnson & Johnson at (800) 224-6513 or visit

Pre-D Systems
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Pre-D SystemsTM introduces a new and innovative tool to advance team performance in prediagnostic smile analysis for comprehensive dentistry - restorative, esthetic, and esthetic management.

It is a software program that was developed and designed specifically for team members to excel at looking for, documenting, and facilitating pre- and post-case conversations.

Pre-D SystemsTM is a prediagnostic tool, an attitudinal change, and a purposeful design to include esthetics in the team process of care. This means, for example, the traditional prediagnostic phase can be transformed into smile evaluations, identifying smile behaviors, self-care products, smile zone, shade, gingival frame, etc. It supports refocusing prediagnostic talents to connect opportunities to the finest services our professions have to offer.For additional information, contact Pre-D SystemsTM at (603) 887-7277 or visit

Two new Next® Prophy Paste flavors

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Preventech introduces two new flavors of its Next® Prophy Paste - Cinnamon Burst and Chocolate Mint. Both products are available in medium and coarse grits and guaranteed to please even your most discriminating patients.

These two new flavors will give your patients a welcome change from the routine. Cinnamon Burst will wake up their taste buds with its Dentyne-like sensation and Chocolate Mint will satisfy every chocolate lover's sweet tooth.

Next® Prophy Paste features a nonsplatter, flash-rinse formula and provides the user with smooth handling characteristics and excellent stain removal.

For more details, contact Preventive Technologies, Inc. at (800) 474-8681 or (704) 849-2416.

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches

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Medicom Inc.'s Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches have been designed to provide a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution for quality infection control. They are designed with the highest quality materials and produced on state-of-the-art equipment.

The pouches are steam, chemical vapor, and ETO compatible. Special medical-grade, heavy-weight paper stock provides superior strength against rips and tears.

Self-Seal Pouches are available in nine different sizes to accommodate your sterilization needs. Medicom products are available through your dental distributor.

Call Medicom today to receive a sample of your favorite size. Mention this product write-up and receive a special promotional offer for the Self-Seal Pouches - buy five boxes, get one free.

For more information, call (800) 435-9267 or visit

Star White
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Temrex Corporation recently launched a new tooth-whitening system. The Star WhiteTM Dental Whitening Ensemble has a unique interactive patient-compliance system. One of the most challenging aspects of tooth whitening is not creating a need for the service, but actually having the patient wear the bleaching trays consistently.The dentist begins the whitening program in the office, forming custom trays and giving the patient a kit of eight syringes of Star WhiteTM, a formula containing 16 percent carbamide peroxide. Besides the syringes and custom trays, the Dental Whitening Ensemble, which the patient takes home, contains a tray retainer, instructions, a dental color chart and an envelope of stars to mark daily progress. Involving the patient in the Star WhiteTM compliance program has proven to be effective.

The Interactive Patient Compliance System is a tool that not only motivates the patient to daily compliance, but it also allows communication between the patient and the office via the telephone. This can help reduce nonrevenue-producing personal visits to the office.

For more information, call Temrex Corporation at (800) 645-1226 or (516) 868-6221.

Tongue Sweeper® with Surecoat is...

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...the perfect solution for gently removing plaque buildup from the tongue. New advances in the Tongue Sweeper® product line include fabrication with Surecoat medical-finishing technology (a proprietary and totally nonallergenic stainless-steel coating that exceeds Tripartite and ISO biocompatibility standards), new super-gentle designs for geriatric patients and children, construction materials that can undergo an unlimited number of wet autoclave cycles, and new packaging that doubles as a lightweight travel and storage case. Tongue Sweeper® products are ideal for professional instrument trays, patient education, and at-home patient oral care. The products will not nick, break, or otherwise be damaged under normal use.

For more details, call (800) 589-3043 or visit

Disposable isolation gowns

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Tronex disposable isolation gowns have the cool and comfortable properties of breathable polypropylene spunbond material plus natural fluid resistance for excellent body protection. For superior comfort, fit, and durability, these gowns are crafted with precision stitching, and cover securely with elastic cuffs, waist, neckties, and a full back. Item Code #5540 is available in soft yellow and blue and is unisized. Styles also are available with added PE coating for fluid-impervious protection.

For additional information, contact Tronex Healthcare Industries at (800) 833-1181 or e-mail [email protected].

UltraSeal XT® plus

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UltraSeal XT® plusTM, from Ultradent Products, Inc., was recently improved to offer even more benefits.UltraSeal XT® plusTM has been enhanced with FluorUtiteTM, a natural, high fluoride-releasing mineral that improves the caries resistance of enamel.UltraSeal XT® plusTM is a radiopaque pit-and-fissure sealant. The light-cured, 58-percent filled resin makes UltraSeal XT® plusTM stronger, and more wear-resistant than other sealants. UltraSeal XT® plusTM also performs as a flowable composite, super adaptive initial layer on deep restorations, and a micro-restorative composite. It is available in shades Opaque White, A1, and A2.For more information about UltraSeal XT® plusTM, or to receive a free sample, call Ultradent Products, Inc. at (800) 552-5512 or visit

Color-coded mixing and dispensing system

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DandyTM Pak is an integrated, color-coded, disposable dental mixing and dispensing system developed to reduce waste of materials by eliminating mixing confusion. It includes a disposable tray of two- or four-mixing and dispensing wells with a set of two- or four-step, double-end microfiber applicators. It comes with a lid cover to protect light-sensitive solutions when not in use. The applicator with a pre-designed bending tip holds any angle. The Micro Fiber brush comes in fine and regular sizes. The DandyTM Pak is ideal for placement of bonding agents, etchant, primer, and sealant.

For additional information, contact Applied Dental, Inc. at (888) 841-8481.

Select-PlusTM Hygiene IrrigatorTM System

Select-PlusTM Hygiene IrrigatorTM System

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The Select-PlusTM Hygiene Irrigation System, manufactured by Vista Dental Products, provides more complete and versatile options than other dispensing systems. The system consists of a two-bottle, Variable Pressure Reservoir, to accommodate a variety of medicaments. The closed-reservoir system provides unsurpassed protection from cross-contamination and biofilm build-up.

Mounted on the system is a universal ultrasonic adapter which is compatible for use with Cavitron®-style ultrasonic scalers or Vista's P5 Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler. This provides the hygienist with the ability to choose from up to two solutions for irrigating through their scaling systems.

For more product details, contact Vista Dental at (877) 418-4782 or visit

M4*9 EasyClave
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Midmark Corporation introduces the M4*9 EasyClaveTM Dental Handpiece Sterilizer.

End-users simply select the desired cycle, push start and the M4*9's sterilization process completes itself automatically. With its unique, rectangular chamber, the M4*9 maximizes chamber space to effectively clean instruments, handpieces, and instrument cassettes.

The M4*9 has an easy-access reservoir fill with a visible drain tube that enables users to know exactly how much water is in the unit.

For additional information about Midmark or any of its products, call (800) MIDMARK or visit

Vista P5 Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

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The versatile Vista P5 Piezo ultrasonic system is extremely gentle on the patient and causes little or no patient sensitivity. The compact housing unit allows for easy placement anywhere in the operatory (tray, counter, drawer). The lightweight, autoclavable handpiece is made of medical-grade titanium and reduces or eliminates hand fatigue.

The Vista P5 is compatible with Vista's Select-Plus Hygiene Irrigation System.

For more information, contact Vista Dental Products at (877) 418-4782 or visit

Nash/Taylor Esthetic Instrument Kit

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Hu-Friedy introduces the Nash/Taylor Esthetic Instrument Kit. The kit contains 18 instruments (nine of which are new designs never before offered) and a cassette designed for the practice of quality esthetic dentistry. The kit also includes improved instrumentation enhancing cosmetic techniques and patient satisfaction.

The instruments are available in Hu-Friedy's exclusive Immunity Steel® with the Satin SteelTM handles (where applicable) and are sold separately.

For additional information on the Nash/Taylor Esthetic Instrument Kit or individual instruments, call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

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h-pakTM is designed to provide complete oral care for fresh-breath assurance. It includes a toothbrush, a dental-floss dispenser, and a tongue cleaner in a sealed package. The toothbrush has an angled-tip design and is made with Dupont® Tynex soft bristles. The floss contains a light coating of wax and a burst of mint flavor. The patented tongue cleaner has three rows of blade for scraping, smoothing, and collecting debris on the tongue's surface.

The tongue cleaner helps remove a coating on the tongue by 50 percent, it inhibits plaque formation on the teeth by 35 percent, and it is 50 percent more effective in getting rid of bad breath than brushing the teeth.

For additional information, contact Applied Dental, Inc. at (888) 841-8481.

Rembrandt Plus Gel with Peroxide

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Since some people prefer the bubbly action of gel over toothpaste, Rembrandt Oral Care Products now features its popular Rembrandt Plus Toothpaste in gel form. It offers complete oral-care benefits, including unsurpassed whitening capabilities. Low in abrasion, Rembrandt Plus Gel, used twice daily, fights cavities and gum disease, keeps breath fresh, and makes teeth their whitest.

Most whitening toothpastes with peroxide contain insoluble calcium peroxide which only removes stain through abrasion. Rembrandt Plus Gel with Peroxide contains bio-available oxygen, which is soluble, allowing for maximum whitening results with very low abrasion.

Rembrandt Plus is available in a 2.6 oz tube.

For additional information, contact Rembrandt Oral Care Products at (800) 548-3663 or visit

Cavitron® Select™

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Dentsply Professional introduces Cavitron® SelectTM SPSTM ultrasonic scaler. This new 30 kHz ultrasonic scaler offers SPS scaling technology in a new sleek design and compact size.The Cavitron® SelectTM SPSTM is the lightest and smallest SPS-enabled scaler on the market. SPS works like cruise control to maintain power even at lower settings, thus maximizing scaling effectiveness and patient comfort.

For more information on this new scaler, contact your local Dentsply Professional distributor or call Dentsply Professional customer service at (800) 989-8826 or visit