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Product Report

Sept. 1, 2002
DentalEZ Group announces the availability of the new and improved Titan®SW Plus and Titan K Plus sonic scalers. The new Titan SW Plus (Swivel) and Titan K Plus (Fixed Connection) scalers feature an improved ergonomic handle complemented by a sleek design and finish.

DentalEZ introduces new scalers

DentalEZ Group announces the availability of the new and improved Titan®SW Plus and Titan K Plus sonic scalers. The new Titan SW Plus (Swivel) and Titan K Plus (Fixed Connection) scalers feature an improved ergonomic handle complemented by a sleek design and finish. The new scalers have been clinically proven to effectively remove hard calculus deposits and stains. Additionally, the comfort of the patient is improved because the portable scalers are air-powered; thus, water spray is controlled. The new scalers come equipped with a versatile line of tips that meet a full range of scaling requirements.

The new scalloped handle, in addition to providing a comfortable feel, eliminates grooves where debris and bacteria are most often harbored, significantly reducing pre-sterilization scrubbing and cleaning preparation time.

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For more information, visit or call (866) 383-4636.

Give them a choice of flavors!

Are your patients growing weary of the same old prophy paste flavors? Look no further - choose Denti-Care's Prophy Paste! You can make a difference by offering exciting, cool natural flavors your patients will enjoy. To experience a vision of relaxing on a sunny paradise island, choose dreamy Piña Colada. Denti-Care also offers three all-time classic favorites - Mint, Cherry, and Bubble-Gum.

Denti-Care Prophy Paste is a low-splatter formula that quickly removes stain and rinses out easily. Offered in fine, medium, and coarse grit size. Contains fluoride. Packaged in a convenient 200 unit-dose box (10047) to eliminate cross-contamination. Also available in economical jars (10031) and fluoride-free formula (10046). Compare and save! Special offer: buy four, get one free. Suggested retail per box is $25. Net per box with offer is $20.

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Medicom, Inc.®developed the product and is available through all dental distributors. Please contact your local dealer to place your order. For product information, please call (800) 361-2862 or visit

Soft disposable scaling tips

DentalEZ Group announces the availability of SensiTips™, a disposable, soft-tip accessory available with the StarDental®Titan®SW Plus and Titan K Plus Scalers. The SensiTips were specifically designed for cleaning around titanium implants, as well as for periodontal prophys, without damage to the dentin or titanium surface. In addition, SensiTips are especially recommended for use in conjunction with cosmetic procedures, because the sleek, smooth design is easy on the surface.

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For more information on SensiTips and the DentalEZ Group, please visit or call (866) 383-4636.

New mouth prop is reversible and disposable

Primotec, Inc., is introducing their new disposable, reversible mouth prop called the Primoprop. The convenient mouth prop adjusts for large or small mouths and easily fits both sides of the mouth. The prop allows for visual access to the working area with its unique shape. Best of all, it's disposable so you never have to clean it.

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For additional information, call (800) 959-8517, email at [email protected], or visit

Language interpreter forms for foreign patients

Do all of your patients speak English? If they don't, do they always bring an interpreter with them?

Office Interpreter, Inc., offers bilingual forms that have been designed to be used all over the office - front desk, operative, and hygiene - enabling every staff member to communicate with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients. The LEP patient is pleased and will refer family and friends to your practice, building your referral base and increasing production.

The design of the forms - English and the chosen language - allows that the only written communication is the patient's name, address, telephone number, etc. All other responses or statements are either numbered or multiple choice.

Certified translators specializing in the medical and dental fields helped to develop this product, addressing every aspect of the dental visit including post-treatment homecare and specialist referrals. Currently, 11 languages are available; however, we will meet any language need. The language packages are available either as a software program or a laminated book format.

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For more information, call (616) 874-1428 or email [email protected].

Hu-Friedy announces new NEVI H5 scaler

Hu-Friedy, the leading manufacturer in hand-held dental instruments, introduces the new NEVI H5 scaler.

It features a unique elongated-disk end introduced on the original NEVI 1 scaler, now paired with a larger H5 sickle. This tip combination is great for heavy anterior stain and calculus removal with the disk end while the H5 sickle end is perfect for line angles and interproximal areas. It is available in three ergonomic handle options - ResinEight, Satin Steel®and Satin Steel®Colours®.

Hu-Friedy's new NEVI H5 is available now and is a part of Hu-Friedy's fall "Take Charge" promotion.

Promotion details are as follows:

Deal 1: Buy 12 scalers/curettes, get 1 free
Deal 2: Buy 24 scalers/curettes, get 4 free
Deal 3: Buy 4 ultrasonic inserts, get 1 free
Deal 4: Buy 6 diagnostic instruments, get 1 free
Bonus offer: Buy deals 2, 3, and 4 - get a $50 MasterCard Gift Card in addition to your free goods.

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For complete details on this promotion, please contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer representative or call (800) 483-7433.

LAST suction tip reduces oral aerosols

Protect your patients and yourself with the LAST (Low Aerosol Suction Tip) high-volume evacuation device. The LAST was developed to minimize contaminated aerosols during dental and dental hygiene procedures.

The LAST is economical because it is reuseable and sterilizable. Environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed, it features unique "window" openings to scavenge aerosols in the oral cavity and provide optimal high-volume evacuation.

Constructed of high-quality DuPont polymer, it has excellent rigidity and retraction, and it is latex-free. Its abbreviated length reduces hand fatigue and provides easy maneuverability. The LAST has a rounded end and polished tip for patient comfort.

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Try it once - and it will be the last tip you will ever need! For more information, call Granite Products, Inc., at (888) 999-3635 or email at [email protected].

User-friendly tongue cleaners reduce halitosis

UNIK Products, Inc., announces patented tongue cleaners that are designed as user-friendly tongue-scraping devices to help promote dental hygiene improvements through reductions in tongue plaque - and resultant tartar - and bad breath. Features include a single-handled ergonomic design, a choice of plastic or stainless steel scraping surfaces, and a size that fits easily into typical toothbrush holders.

UNIK tongue cleaners range in price from $1.50 to $2.99 each, depending on style and order quantity (minimum order is 144), plus shipping and handling.

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To order or for more information, call (716) 627-7549.

Hygiene operatory package offers high value

Dentech Corporation is offering a surround-mount operatory package specifically designed for use in the hygiene room. The Dentech Advance Hygiene Operatory package includes the ECO-19 patient chair, Advance hygiene unit, doctor's stool, unit-mount light, and surround-mount light post. The surround mount allows the delivery unit to be easily swung from one side of the patient chair to the other to accommodate right- or left-handed operators. The complete package will be available from most dental dealers for under $10,000.

The package includes the Inner Circle™ Productivity Program (retail value $995). The Inner Circle program is based on the proven principle that proper positioning (of the patient and the operator), combined with the correct use of ergonomically designed equipment, offers dental practices increased productivity and a lower risk of work-related stress, fatigue, and injury. The program includes printed materials, on-site training, and access to a password-protected Web site containing additional information and special offers.

The Advance Hygiene Surround-Mount Package, like all Dentech products, is backed by Dentech's legendary service and five-year manufacturer's warranty.

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For more information or for a dealer near you, call (800) 826-5004 or visit

Dental accessory kits boost hygiene home care

Dental Concepts has launched its new OraCare line of three dental instrument kits grouped by major therapeutic needs. Available this fall at drug, grocery, and mass merchandise retailers throughout the United States and Canada, the OraCare line consists of stylish polycarbonate instruments, providing complementary therapies for clean breath, healthy gums, and overall mouth health.

OraCare instruments are similar to the precision instruments used by dental hygienists. The kits were created for people who want to maintain oral health and who know that daily care between regular dental visits is essential. Unlike previous generations that accepted tooth loss as a natural part of aging, Baby Boomers want to know what they can do to keep or restore their oral health.

The largest of the kits, the OraCare Health Mouth Kit (MSRP $5.99), contains the five tools most recommended by dental professionals for daily oral care needs, including a gum stimulator, sulcus brush, sensitive teeth pick, mouth mirror, and tongue scraper.

Other OraCare Kits include the Healthy Gum Kit and the Clean Breath Kit. Both the Healthy Gum and Clean Breath Kits will be available at retail for approximately $4.99. OraCare kits will be available in stores in September.

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For more information, call (201) 576-9700 or visit

Lip-Ex vertical lip retractor eases access

Hager Worldwide introduces Lip-Ex. Lip and cheek retractors take a new turn - 180° - to be precise. From the makers of the horizontal lip and cheek retractors, Spandex and Mirahold, comes Lip-Ex. Lip-Ex provides the same benefits - comfort for the patient, warmth to the touch, and ease of placement allowing a clear view of the work area.

Lip-Ex expands the mouth and lips vertically, which is ideal for working at the gingival border of the maxillary and mandibular front teeth. It is an excellent tool for the adjustment or cleaning of orthodontic bands and arch wires, and its non-reflective surface makes it ideal for photography.

Lip-Ex provides increased versatility in oral surgery, oral prophylaxis, restorative bonding, and injections. It is cold sterilizable, and available in both adult and child sizes. Retail price is $13.95 for item 605212 containing two adult- and two child-sized lip retractors, and $18.95 for item 605255 containing six adult-sized lip retractors.

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To order, call your dental dealer or Hager Worldwide at (800) 328-2335, or email at [email protected].

Powerzyme enzymatic instrument cleaner

Powerzyme, manufactured by Infection Control Technology, is a high-level enzymatic instrument cleaner designed to attack proteins from blood, saliva, tissue, etc., at the molecular level and break them apart.

Powerzyme is highly effective at cleaning bioburden and debris in crevices, joints, and the inner lumens of instruments, tubings, and sleeves. It helps eliminate the need for hand-scrubbing instruments, thus reducing the health-care professional's risk of pathogen exposure.

One gallon of Powerzyme super concentrate makes 128 gallons of cleaning solution. Powerzyme is available through your dental dealer.

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For more product information or free samples of Powerzyme, call Infection Control Technology at (800) 551-0735.