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Product Report

June 1, 2002
Dentsply Professional is proud to introduce AllSolutions™ Sodium Fluoride Oral Solution rinse, an in-office fluoride delivery system that is an alternative to fluoride tray delivery systems.

Dentsply Professional launches AllSolutions™

Dentsply Professional is proud to introduce AllSolutions™ Sodium Fluoride Oral Solution rinse, an in-office fluoride delivery system that is an alternative to fluoride tray delivery systems. AllSolutions is a 2% neutral sodium fluoride rinse for professional topical application as a treatment to aid in the protection against dental caries.

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It is a non-acidic fluoride so it's safe for patients with porcelain or composite restorations and sealants. AllSolutions Fluoride Rinse offers the clinician the convenience of an in-office, ready-to-use rinse, while delivering undeniably great fluoride protection in four incredible flavors.

The delicious flavors as well as the convenient delivery make it appealing to patients of all ages. AllSolutions is available in Berry Cherry, Peach, Tropical, and Mint flavors.

For more information, call Dentsply Professional at (800) 989-8826, your authorized Dentsply Professional distributor, or visit

Proxi-Tip®Pocket Traveler

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The Proxi-Tip®Pocket Traveler offers something no other dental product offers today - a complete interdental care system that is designed to provide thorough interdental cleaning with a unique assortment of replaceable tips, all in one convenient product.

The Proxi-TipRegistered, Proxi-Pik™, Perio-Brush, and InterBrush/Adapter store in the handle.

For a free sample and pricing information, call AIT Dental at (800) 876-4620.

Scaler with power adjustment

KaVo America is introducing its new air-scaler, the SONICflex 2003L. Attaching easily to the MUTLIflex coupler, the SONICflex is portable and can easily be removed for sterilization purposes.

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The SONICflex now features a power adjustment for three different performance levels. This makes the new SONICflex approximately 50 percent more powerful than the previous SONICflex model sold by KaVo.

The controllable power enables the operator to treat sensitive patients more carefully and to treat large amounts of calculus with more power. The new scaler also is whisper-quiet and features a durable cellular optic glass rod, which withstands repeated sterilization without light degradation. It also has a new improved grip with Plasmatec coating which is comfortable to hold and very hygienic. Various tip sets are available for scaling, deep scaling, root-planing, cleaning, minimally invasive tooth preparation, and more.

For more information, call KaVo at 888-KAVO-USA (528-6872) or visit

D-Lish™ prophy paste now available separately

Young Dental's D-Lish™ prophy paste is a smooth, easy-to-rinse, pumice-based formula for reduced splatter and enhanced stain removal. It comes in the "De-licious" flavors of Mint, Cherry, Grape, and Cinnamon. A unique formula made by Young, it is colored by grit for speedy identification. All flavors come in coarse, medium, and fine grits.

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D-Lish prophy paste is packaged in our exclusive Stay Fresh™ foil bag. It has a ZIP-PAK®resealable zipper for easy storage. Each D-Lish Stay Fresh bag contains 200 prophy cups and one metal prophy ring.

For samples, call (800) 325-1881 ext. 3145. To order, call your dental distributor.

Polyester glove liners provide soft comfort

Berkshire Corporation offers a complete line of polyester glove liners made with 100 percent continuous-filament, knitted polyester for maximum softness, comfort, and protection during extended periods of glove use.

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BCR®Half-Finger Glove Liners provide comfort without sacrificing tactile use of fingertips. They also protect hands from excessive perspiration and skin irritation.

BCR Full-Finger Glove Liners are manufactured to provide total protection for the most sensitive glove users from the irritation caused by latex and PVC gloves.

Unique, seamless construction allows for moisture to be absorbed and wicked away from skin, and keeps gloves from unraveling and releasing unwanted particles into critical environments. The glove liners are ambidextrous for simple stock control and provide economic advantage by being launderable for multiple use.

For more information, call (800) 242-7000 or visit

Dentsply Professional introduces Stylus™high-speed handpiece

Dentsply Professional is proud to announce the introduction of the Midwest Stylus™ high-speed fiberoptic handpiece. The Stylus represents a giant leap in technology, durability, research, and development, and clinical performance in the handpiece category.

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The Stylus produces over 15 watts of power in a mid-sized head, allowing greater intraoral access and flexibility without sacrificing cutting ability or performance. The Stylus also features four-port water spray and fusion optics technology, which provides improved bur cooling and enhanced visibility of the operating field.

The Stylus is available in your choice of bearing technology. EasyCare™ technology features pre-lubricated, grease-packed, sealed bearings, which continuously lubricate the handpiece for maintenance-free convenience. The standard Stylus requires a traditional maintenance regimen, but comes with an industry-leading 18-month warranty.

Three years in design and quality testing, the Midwest Stylus truly offers the greatest collection of features and benefits in a high-speed handpiece.

For more information, call Dentsply Professional at (800) 800-2888 or visit

Hu-Friedy introduces new plastic probe designs

Hu-Friedy introduces two new tip designs to its Colorvue™ plastic probe instrument line.

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With a vivid yellow tip and black markings, the Hu-Friedy Colorvue plastic probe provides superior contrast to intraoral structures. Optimal flexibility and a rounded tip provide greater patient comfort and acceptability.

Two new replaceable tip designs are now available:

  • PCVWPT (Williams Markings 1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10)
  • PCVUNC12PT (University of North Carolina 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12)

Colorvue tips also are available in PCV11PT (3-6-8-11) and PCV12PT (3-6-9-12).

The Hu-Friedy Colorvue Plastic Probe features the ergonomically designed Satin Steel®handle, providing the clinician the optimal weight, feel, and balance for controlled instrumentation. It is safe for use with implants, and the twist-on design allows for easy replacement of worn tips.

For additional information on Hu-Friedy Colorvue Plastic Probes or any Hu-Friedy products, call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433) or visit

Duraflor®unit-dose varnish is quick and easy

Medicom's Duraflor®5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish relieves sensitive teeth by coating the dental tubules with an easy, brush-on application providing immediate relief for the patient in most cases. Each pre-measured unit dose contains 0.5ml of 5% fluoride varnish, along with a disposable brush (one adult application per unit-dose).

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Just paint-on the thick varnish and it dries immediately, even in the presence of saliva. The product will remain in place up to eight hours allowing maximum fluoride uptake. Studies have indicated patients will be free of hypersensitivity for up to six months.

Duraflor unit dose is packaged in a box of 16 1-ml unit-dose applications (Item # 1011). Suggested retail is $25 per box. Special offer! Buy three boxes: Get one free! Net price: $18.75/box. Also available in an economical 10-ml tube (Item #10011).

Duraflor is available through all dental distributors. Please call your local dealer to place your order. For product information, please call (800) 361-2862 or visit

Sky-Scapes™ light panels bring the great outdoors indoors

SmartPractice®introduces a revolutionary new idea in lighting design to the dental profession with Sky-Scapes™.

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Ceilings never looked so good to patients - who have only one place to rest their eyes - with these new light diffusers.

Instead of harsh, "sterile," fluorescent light, they'll see light puffs of white clouds against a clear blue-sky background.

Patients aren't the only ones who will notice the difference. Staff members also will report that they feel much more relaxed and less stressed after a full day of appointments. Sky-Scapes are easy to install in just minutes per light fixture.

For more information and special introductory pricing, call SmartPractice at (800) 522-0800.

Great paste - great price!

Dental Resources has reformulated its prophy paste to have characteristics similar to its main competition. The new formula is nonsplattering, tastes great, and is very economical.

Available in Fine, Medium, Coarse, and new Extra Coarse grits.

Call today for free samples.

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Order today and get a free sampler bag of non-latex prophy angles with every box you order.

For a limited time, Dental Resources is offering special pricing - only $19.95 per box.

For more information or to order, please call (800) 328-1276.

Restore smiles with EMT ToothSaver™tooth-preserving system

Nearly five million teeth are accidentally knocked out each year. The length of time before a tooth is replanted and how it is transported to the dentist are crucial in successfully saving and replanting the tooth.

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EMT ToothSaver™ protects, nourishes, and revives knocked-out teeth prior to replantation, which must be completed as quickly as possible, preferably within 24 hours. By suspending the avulsed tooth in a pH-balanced cell-culture fluid which is biocompatible with the tooth's PDL cells, EMT ToothSaver safely stores the tooth until replantation. This allows other more serious injuries to be treated first and expands the window of time to treat the patient.

EMT ToothSaver offers dentists an excellent chance to perform the preferred option - saving the patient's natural tooth. In most cases, this treatment will also pave the way for more comprehensive care in the future.

For more information, call SmartPractice®at (800) 522-0800.

Twist2it announces the Prophymiracle™

Quiet, lightweight, fully autoclavable, and virtually vibration-free, the Prophymiracle™ runs at a precise speed of 4,000 rpms delivering the proper speed and torque necessary for today's prophy procedures.

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Its vane-type power system is quiet and virtually vibration-free. Prophymiracle is lightweight - 2.9 ounces - and perfectly balanced in the hygienist's hand. The simple snap-and-lock chucking mechanism is both easy and efficient to use.

It is fully autoclavable to 135°C (275°F) and is so reliable that it carries a one-year warranty. Made in the USA.

For more information on the Prophymiracle and samples of The Twist™ reciprocating prophy angle, call 877-PROPHYS (877-776-7497), email at [email protected], or visit