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Product Report

Jan. 1, 2002
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Prophy paste has new bubble-gum flavor
Clinpro™ prophy paste, from 3M ESPE, features mint and new bubble gum flavor — a favorite for younger patients. The paste breaks down from coarse to fine during use to provide the stain-removing power of a coarse paste with less abrasion. Neutral pH, contains fluoride, and is available in unit dose cups. A package includes 200 cups and one prophy ring.

For additional information or a free sample kit (five cups mint flavor paste, five cups bubble gum flavor paste, and three angles), call (888) 640-7121, Ext. 1.

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An oral care breakthrough — whitening in a bottle
Rembrandt Oral Care Products is pioneering another oral care category. New Rembrandt Plus Whitening Rinse with Peroxide is a mouthwash breakthrough, ideal for everyday use to fight bad breath and whiten teeth.

Rembrandt Plus Whitening Rinse fights the bacteria that cause bad breath. In addition, the formula helps protect against gingivitis and gum disease.

Used regularly, Rembrandt Plus Whitening Rinse will provide significant whitening results in two weeks while maintaining fresh breath and good gum health.

For additional information, call (800) 548-3663.

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IMS® Lilac Gloves
Hu-Friedy introduces IMS® Lilac Gloves to enhance safety in the Instrument Management Cycle.

These flocklined nitrile utility gloves are for use in the sterilization area and during disinfection processes in the operatory. The nitrile material does not contain latex and is suitable for staff with latex sensitivity. Nitrile resists chemicals and is puncture-resistant for improved protection against sharps injuries.

The molded texture on the fingertip and palm areas provides improved tactile feel and grip while handling instrumentation. Lilac is the color in education of dental hygiene professionals.

For more information, contact Hu-Friedy at (773) 975-6182.

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Pro-Ester-C™ is Body Ready®
Zila Professional Pharmaceuticals division introduces Pro-Ester-C™, the only Ester-C® marketed exclusively to dental professionals to help the body's ability to maintain and repair healthy connective tissue. It also assists in the neutralization of tissue-destroying oxidants, many of which can be found in the mouth. Pro-Ester-C™ contains essential minerals like calcium and metabolites, which may enhance the uptake of vitamin C by the body's cells and tissues. It's also Body Ready®, which means it is readily absorbed, goes to work as soon as you take it, and is gentle to your system. Pro-Ester-C™ contains Ester-C®, the only patented Vitamin C.

For additional information, contact Zila Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at (866) ZILAPRO or visit

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Denti-Care In-Office Fluoride Therapy
Denti-Care In-Office Fluoride Therapy provides one of the most comprehensive selections of in-office products. Denti-Care In-Office Fluorides include topical foams, gels, dual rinse, and comfort-fit fluoride trays. It is available in either 1.23% APF acidulated or 2% Neutral Sodium formulations, depending on your patient needs.

Denti-Care provides exceptionally natural flavoring for unsurpassed patient acceptance. Some of the most tempting popular flavors include Strawberry, Grape, Raspberry, Cherry, Bubble Gum, and Mint. Denti-Care is manufactured exclusively by Medicom.

Contact your local dealer to place an order. For product information, call (800) 308-6589 or visit

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Prophy paste available in berry-picked flavor
NUPRO Prophy Paste introduces a new flavor: Razzberry™. Younger patients and adults alike will love the ripe, fresh, berry-picked flavor of Razzberry™. The launch of Razzberry™ continues to make NUPRO the prophy paste that offers the widest selection of great-tasting flavors and grits.

Razzberry™ is available in fine, medium, and coarse grits, and should be available this month.

For additional information, contact your authorized Dentsply Professional distributor, call Dentsply Professional at (800) 989-8826, call (800) 263-1473 in Canada, or visit

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Acushy™ Mirror Grip
Hygiene-related muscoloskeletal injuries could bring your career to a halt! Acushy™ Product Company introduces Acushy™ Mirror grip. This disposable, latex-free instrument was engineered by a dental hygienist and occupational therapist to reduce daily hand fatigue. Acushy™ Mirror grip is designed to slide on to your existing mirror handle. It increases the diameter of the mirror handle to open the hand to a more neutral position. It is lightweight and is the only truly "soft" product on the market.

For additional information, call Acushy Product Company at (800) 292-9140 or visit

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Advance Breath Care™
After years of research, Church & Dwight Co., Inc. has succeeded in combining two powerful odor-eliminating compounds, baking soda and zinc, to provide three full hours of fresh breath confidence, for patients at home or on the go.

Advance Breath Care™ products span four different categories — mouthwash, toothpaste, gum, and mints — to provide your patients breath-control solutions in the forms they prefer — at home or on the go. All of the products deliver 3 Hour Power™ with the unique combination of baking soda and zinc. The high impact, cool fresh flavors of Advance Breath Care™ reinforce real deodorization, not just masking or covering up. For more details, visit

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Glove boxes take on patriotic design
Forget the boring glove boxes of the past. SmartPractice, manufacturer of all types of gloves used in health care, has reinvented the glove box to better suit the caregiver's environment.

The new "boutique-sized" box holds the 100 gloves as a standard box but is taller and narrower, allowing two boxes to fit in the same amount of counter space.

The most noteworthy feature of the new boxes is their uplifting graphic treatment in themes, which will change periodically to surprise and intrigue staff and patients alike. Future box art themes will be inspirational, sometimes topical, always thought-provoking and calculated to complement the office environment.

For more information, call a SmartPractice glove specialist at (800) 522-0595, Ext. 555.

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Handheld patient demonstration tool
The sonipod™ is a new handheld patient demonstration tool designed specifically for use with the sonicare® toothbrush. Developed for Philips Oral Healthcare, the sonipod™ is designed to demonstrate two unique features of the sonicare® toothbrush. The LED "strobe" lights on the front of the sonipod™ can be adjusted to slow down the bristle motion of the sonicare®, thereby showing the gentle sweeping action of the brush.

Under the clear blue lid is a quadrant of model teeth surrounded by fluid and a plastic housing. When the sonicare® is held against this housing at the recommended 45-degree brushing angle, dynamic fluid action can be observed. The sonicare® toothbrush creates this fluid action when it comes in contact with water, saliva, and toothpaste in the mouth, allowing cleaning to occur not only upon direct contact with the tooth surface, but also in hard-to-reach areas like between the teeth and below the gum line.

For additional information, contact your professional representative at (800) 676-7664 or visit

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Shaker Tube Dispenser 400 Series
Denbur's new Magic-Brush is available now in Shaker Tube Dispenser 400 Series. Each dispenser contains 100 applicators. To minimize cross-contamination, simply shake the dispenser and the applicators are dispensed easily one at a time. The dispenser is shrink-wrapped for hygienic and tamper-free packaging.

For additional information, contact Denbur, Inc. at (630) 986-9667 or visit

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Customized lip moisturizer
LipJoy manufactures an all-natural, high-quality lip moisturizer that is custom-printed with the dental provider's name and phone number.

Originally it was developed for patients as an "after-care" and business promotional. It is packaged in attractive tube cap color combinations with customized label print. Each tube is individually sealed in an ultra-clear polypropylene bag for patient delivery.

For more information, contact LipJoy at (440) 257-3900 or visit

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Max and Freddy are ready to talk dental
Zoo Animal Teaching Aids, from Paragon International, have supported you in delivering your dental message for over 10 years. The two new additions for our line this year are updated characters back by popular demand. An expanded educational guide now accompanies every product, along with the ever popular water squirter.

Max T Mustang returns this year from an extended tropical vacation and Freddy Flossisauras has decided to fill the shoes of his sister, Franny Flossisaurus as she takes a much deserved break in their hometown of Lock Ness.

Additional educational materials are available at

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Brushing alone is not enough!
Eez-Thru® flossers provide easy, convenient, one-handed flossing.

The flosser slides easily between teeth; it resists shredding, breaking, and sagging; its multiple filaments provide more tooth contact; has a long handle and angled neck to access posterior teeth; and the easy-grip handle with thumb pad provides better control.

For additional information, contact John O. Butler Company at (800) JBUTLER or visit

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TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse
TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse is the strongest anti-halitosis formula available from The California Breath Clinics.

According to clinic founder, Dr. Harold Katz, it's the only formula to blend the proven elements of chlorine dioxide, zinc gluconate, tea tree oil, and essential mint oils to effectively attack anaerobic bacteria and the VSCs they produce, without the need to mix or add products.

Used by thousands to regain their confidence in over 68 different countries, TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse is available to dental professionals at special discounts, along with Dr. Katz's wide range of products and internationally recognized clinical protocols.

For more details or to place an order, call (888) FRESH-88 or visit

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Dentists nationwide establish Rembrandt One-Hour Whitening Centers
In about the time it takes to say "dazzle," you can have teeth that do just that. A quick trip to your new neighborhood Rembrandt One-Hour Whitening Center is one of the fastest, more comfortable, convenient ways to whiten teeth.

A Rembrandt One-Hour White-ning dentist can whiten teeth up to 10 shades, using the newest breakthrough in power light bleaching. Participating dentists use Rembrandt Virtuoso Lightning™ Bleaching Gel with the Rembrandt Sapphire™ Light. No lasers, no home kit, or mouthguard is necessary — just one short visit to the dentist.

For details, call (800) 972-1236 or visit