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Chicago Midwinter

Feb. 1, 2011
In addition to melon, three new flavors of Waterpik UltraThin Fluoride Varnish will be introduced at this year's Chicago Midwinter Meeting ...

Top products to see at Chicago Midwinter meeting in the Feb. 24-26 exhibits

Water Pik, Inc. introduces new flavors of Waterpik UltraThin Fluoride

Waterpik UltraThin Fluoride Varnish is now available in four flavors your patients will love!

In addition to melon, three new flavors of Waterpik UltraThin Fluoride Varnish will be introduced at this year's Chicago Midwinter Meeting at Booth 1811 – bubblegum and strawberry for the kids, and the ever-favorite mint for adults. Waterpik UltraThin Varnish is now gluten-free and sweetened with xylitol. The ultra-thin formula makes application smooth and simple, and comes in a pre-mixed package with applicator. You can experience all of the flavors with the unique Waterpik UltraThin 100ct Variety Pack that has 25 unit doses of each of the four flavors.

Visit Booth 1811 at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting and get your free four-flavor trial of Waterpik UltraThin Fluoride Varnish.

The New Cavitron Focused Spray slimLINE 1000 ultrasonic insert

DENTSPLY Professional enhances interproximal, subgingival access

Cavitron has combined the best features of the Focused Spray and slimLINE technologies to produce the Focused Spray slimLINE 1000 insert. This makes it ideal for dentists and hygienists who are looking for better ultrasonic access to interproximal and subgingival areas, and who appreciate the line-angle adaptation of 1000-design instruments to efficiently remove deposits.

The result is a thinner tip that allows for improved access in hard-to-reach areas, including challenging subgingival areas, with minimal tissue distension for greater patient comfort.

Visit Booth 1802, order from your dealer, or visit for more information.

Ultradent introduces four new ways to fight cavities

Xylishield Gum, Mints, Mouth Rinse, and Toothpaste

Ultradent Products, Inc., recently launched Xylishield, the ultimate defense against cavities. Xylishield is the perfect addition to the take-home hygiene routine for patients. The Xylishield line consists of gum, mints, mouth rinse, and toothpaste, each containing high levels of xylitol, an all-natural sweetener that helps to "shield" teeth from cavity-causing bacteria.

Xylishield gum is available in fresh spearmint or cinnamon flavors. The complete line of Xylishield products are also available in a convenient "dental care kit."

Visit Booths 4214 and 4414, or for more information.

Water Pik, Inc. Introduces the Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

Unit features compact, kid-proof electrical design

The new Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids is ideal for young patients who have orthodontic appliances and those who struggle with traditional string floss. The Water Flosser for Kids is uniquely designed to accommodate smaller hands – ideal for ages six and up – and it has been clinically proven to be twice as effective as traditional floss for reducing gingival bleeding.

It includes two tips – one Classic Jet Tip and one Orthodontic Tip – as well as an extra safe, kid-proof electrical design, three pressure settings, and compact size for easy storage. The Water Flosser for Kids also comes with 20 removable cling decals in colorful designs that kids can use to customize their unit.

See the Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids at Booth 1811 at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

New Universal Sensor Holder Available: Rinn Uni-Grip 360

Redesign of sensor holder improves positioning range and accuracy

Dentsply Rinn announces the launch of a new disposable universal sensor holder, Uni-Grip 360. The Uni-Grip 360 Universal Sensor Holder for digital intraoral X-ray sensors holds all size 0, 1, and 2 digital x-ray sensors. Utilizing a movable bite-tab for fast indication changes, Uni-Grip 360 positions sensors for anterior, posterior, and bitewing radiographs.

"Rinn Uni-Grip 360 is a major redesign of an already popular sensor holder. The design was improved for easier use, increased positioning range, and accuracy. While retakes are easier than ever before with digital imaging, our goal is to help reduce patient radiation exposure via sensor holders that make each image captured ideal for diagnosis," said Kim Brown, marketing director for Dentsply Rinn.

For additional information, visit Booth 1802 or visit Rinn online at To request a free sample of Uni-Grip 360, visit

Sunstar Americas introduces GUM Crayola Pip-Squeaks Toothbrush

Crayola colors brighten up brushing for children

Sunstar Americas, Inc.'s new GUM Crayola Pip-Squeaks toothbrush provides children with a fun new brush to keep them motivated to brush longer. Sunstar has again partnered with Crayola to add the Pip-Squeaks character to its line of Crayola kids brushes.

The Pip-Squeaks brushes are available in four colors with four different Pip-Squeaks faces and hand positions. A suction cup base aims to reduce bathroom counter clutter and keep the brush head clean between uses.

In anticipation of Children's Dental Health month in February, Sunstar is offering a combination package on two of its GUM Crayola products: Buy four dozen of the Crayola Pip-Squeaks or Crayola Marker brush, get one box of Crayola Flossers plus a set of chair-side education cards free.

For more information, visit Booth 2602 or visit

Keystone Industries launches flavorful Gelato APF fluoride gel

Most economical, best tasting 60-second acidulated phosphate fluoride gel

Gelato APF Fluoride Gel is a smooth and creamy fluoride gel containing 1.23% fluoride ion. Its thixotropic formula will not run and it thickens during treatment to prevent patients from gagging.

The gel has a pleasant taste with no bitter aftertaste and is available in the great flavors of cherry, mint, orange vanilla, piña colada, bubble gum, strawberry, and grape, as well as the newest flavors of cotton candy, mango smoothie, and marshmallow.

Gelato is a gluten-free formula, and each bottle contains approximately 160 single-arch applications.

Visit Booth 4008 or www. for more information.

Dentsply International and GlaxoSmithKline develop system based
on NovaMin

Dentsply's NUPRO brand and GSK's Sensodyne brand have created an effective system designed for the care of tooth sensitivity, from the dental office to everyday use at home. This collaboration is based on NovaMin's calcium phosphate technology. There are three distinct products:

• NUPRO Sensodyne Prophy Paste that will provide immediate relief from tooth sensitivity.
• Sensodyne NUPRO Professional Toothpaste that dental professionals can dispense for patients to use every day, with high fluoride for enamel and dentin remineralization with NovaMin technology.
• Sensodyne for the everyday management of tooth sensitivity.

Visit Booth 1802, call (800) 989-8826, or visit

EcoBee introduces powder-free nitrile gloves

Packaging features environmentally friendly design

EcoBee recently announced the newest addition to their line of eco-friendly products – BeeSure Slim Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves. These UltraSoft formulation nitrile gloves are flexible, easy to don, and fingertip textured to provide excellent grip.

BeeSure Slim packs 200 nitrile gloves into similar-sized dispensers used for 100 latex gloves, thus minimizing packaging waste, resulting in savings on shipping and storage costs. All our glove boxes are made from 80% post-consumer materials. BeeSure Slim is also part of our 25 cents For Nature Program, which contributes to green causes.

Orascoptic brings Freedom to headlights

LED headlights does not use belt-pack or cables

Orascoptic is once again bringing groundbreaking innovation to the marketplace to provide superior visualization with the Freedom "cordless" LED headlight. Responding to practitioner concerns that current LED cables are both cumbersome and unreliable, Freedom is the first light system that does not employ belt-packs, long electrical cables, or buttons.

For more information, visit Booths 3600/3800, or call (800) 369-3698, or visit

Hu-Friedy introduces Hand Essentials

Medical grade products enhance infection control

Hu-Friedy introduces Hand Essentials, a complete line of hand-care products, including moisturizers, soaps, and sanitizers that provide dental professionals with medical grade products for hygiene and help with infection control program compliance. Hu-Friedy Hand Essentials features two premium products:

• Sterillium Comfort Gel is an easy-to-use hand sanitizing gel that contains moisturizing emollients that are proven to significantly increase skin hydration after only one week.

• Hand Essentials Skin Repair Cream contains Olivamine to help deliver moisture and all of the essential nutrients necessary for optimal skin health, including amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

The Hu-Friedy Hand Essentials family also includes Instant Hand Antiseptic, Antibacterial Soap and Lotion Soap, and Moisturizing Lotion.

For more information, visit Booth 3405 or or

EMS launches Air-Flow Perio Method

Supportive periodontal therapy in five seconds makes happier patients

Treatment with the EMS Air-Flow Perio Method has been evaluated in peer review literature and found to be safe, effective and efficient, removing the biofilm in five seconds per site. Developed specifically for subgingival application, the EMS Air-Flow powder Perio is glycine-based, which has approximately 1/5 the abrasiveness of sodium bicarbonate.

This Perio powder, along with the specially designed, disposable Perio-Flow nozzle tips and reduced air pressure, allows for safe application of the air-powder-water mixture into the pocket. The Perio-Flow nozzle has three horizontal outlets for the air and powder and one vertical outlet for water to optimize the mixture in the pocket and prevent soft tissue emphysema.

For more information, visit Booth 3430 or, or call (800) 367-0367.

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