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New Products

June 1, 2010
The EOS 3 Watt LED Headlight System from High Q Dental weighs in at only .4 of an ounce and provides variable intensity up to 4,500-foot candles of white light into the field. The EOS headlight is available in a variety of clips to accommodate most common loupes and eyewear, or can be mounted to a headband. Power is provided by a lightweight, lithium ion battery pack that delivers a full days use and short three-hour charge time. A universal power charger completes the system. A unique flip-down filter design allows the user to filter the light so as not to impact light sensitive materials. A removable cap on the filter handle can be autoclaved and reused to allow for positioning without concern for contamination — multiple caps come with each system. High Q offers a 30-day trial on the EOS System for U.S. orders allowing for a full, in-office evaluation. For more information, visit
Crest is proud to introduce Crest® Pro-Health™ Sensitive Shield, the newest addition to the Crest Pro-Health family. For consumers using the leading sensitivity toothpaste, they may not be getting all the protection they want. Crest Pro-Health is the only leading toothpaste to protect against teeth sensitivity and all these other areas dentists check most: cavities, gingivitis, tartar, plaque, fresh breath, and whitening. Individuals struggling with sensitivity no longer have to spend their time and money using more than one toothpaste to get comprehensive oral health protection for their teeth and gums. Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield contains the active ingredient Stannous Fluoride, which reduces sensitivity by blocking the painful triggers from stimulating nerves inside the tooth. For more information, visit
Mydent International has introduced two lightweight high-speed handpieces. The new DEFEND® Handpieces feature a four-hole quick-release connection with 360-degree swivel to reduce hand fatigue, and push-button cartridge for fast and easy bur changing. One handpiece has a full head size; the other has a mini-head. Replacement turbines with ceramic bearings are available for both versions. DEFEND handpieces combine superior intraoral access and greater visibility with strong, controlled cutting power. The lightweight design provides perfect balance for maximum ergonomics. Operation of 260,000 rpm at 32 psi and ceramic bearings provide smooth, quiet, vibration-free action. DEFEND handpieces come with a six-month warranty. For more information, visit
ConFirm Monitoring introduces Digital SoftX™ Foam Sensor Loops, which feature an adjustable loop design that provides for easy application and removal. SoftX™ foam loops cinch tightly for accurate, comfortable digital images, then open easily to eliminate pushing and pulling on delicate digital sensor wiring. Soft foam construction provides superior comfort for pennies per patient. SoftX™ Digital Sensor Loops are available in two sizes. Size 2 fits all size 2 sensors and phosphor plates, and size 1 fits all size 0 and size 1 sensors and phosphor plates. Made in the USA. For more information and a free Digital SoftX™ sample pack, visit