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The popularity of the Philips Heart to Hands Award

May 2, 2024
Another group of Philips Heart to Hands Award winners will be honored at 2024 RDH Under One Roof. What is the award, and why might you want to become a part of it?
Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH, Chief editor, RDH magazine

Now in its eight year, the 2024 Philips Heart to Hands Award had more than 100 submissions for this year's three awards. I sat down with Cindy Sensabaugh of Philips Oral Healthcare to discuss this prestigious honor.

Cindy acknowledged it was difficult to choose from such a worthy and inspiring field of nominees. The Philips Heart to Hands Award recognizes those hygienists who have gone above and beyond in their careers in a variety of ways.

"We want to thank all the hygienists who shared their stories with us," Cindy said. "It's emotional to watch them because they're so moving. I feel honored I get to have a small part in this award."

This year's winners are introduced at a commemorative reception each summer at RDH Under One Roof, and it's a great event. The recipients' submission videos are shown, and the evening is topped off with some fun networking and free gifts. But it's limited to 150 people, so sign up now!

Even though submissions are closed for this year, you can read more about Philips Heart to Hands here. Cindy encouraged those who didn't win this year to submit again next year.

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