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Mentorship and happiness in clinical hygiene

May 7, 2024
Too many dental hygienists wonder what's next too early in their careers. It doesn't have to be this way. Amber Auger wants everyone to be as happy in clinical hygiene as she is.

Amber Auger has noticed that many dental hygienists feel like their clinical career alone isn't enough—they wonder what they can add on. She thinks this is the wrong question to be asking. Her own situation with carpal tunnel led her to explore some answers. She was forced to have to look for "more."

As a result, she's become a consultant to dental hygienists actually enjoy their chairside careers. She wants to help RDHs avoid some of the pitfalls that can lead them to wonder and seek what else is out there. She admits to her own hard times, and how she overcame them.

She assures you that your dream career is out there, and it might be right where you are now. Here's how to find it. 

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About the Author

Amber Auger, MPH, RDH

Amber Auger, MPH, RDH, is an international lecturer, a 2019 Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction recipient, editorial director for RDH Graduate, creator of Thrive in the Op, and certified Functional RDH. Amber has more than 18 years of experience in the dental field and has been practicing dental hygiene since 2010. An active mentor to fellow hygienists, she champions personal and professional growth through her innovative Thrive in the Op on-demand courses and live coaching sessions. She can be reached at [email protected].

Updated March 28, 2024

About the Author

Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH | Chief editor, RDH magazine

Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH, has over four decades of continual career development and experience in dentistry. As the chief editor of RDH magazine, she strives to remain a proactive personality in the continual advancement of the profession. She has been defined as a motivated trendsetter and dependable colleague and is inspired by her true passion of helping others to achieve their personal goals. 

Updated February 28, 2022