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What's a demo reel? (Hint: it's for speakers)

July 9, 2024
Could demo reels take the place of submitting an abstract? Find out how easy it could be to create your own with this expert's assistance.
Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH, Chief editor, RDH magazine

If you're interested in taking your speaking engagements to the next level, a demo reel might be just what you need to add to your portfolio. Kyra Rahn, who has a background in acting, is the founder of Keyreel Productions. When she entered the production side of films, she was welcomed into the world of speakers, trainers, and coaches, and in particular, dental speakers.

She'd love to help you market your speaking skills and become more engaged with the speaking community with your own demo reel. That's three minutes of you in action, speaking, in various speaking engagements. The video is designed to showcase you at your best. 

This will live in your speaker marketing portfolio, and resembles a three-minute personal commercial. With video much more mainstream today, it's an integral part of any submission portfolio.

Keyreel Productions comes to you and films you in action in various speaking venues, capturing the energy of the crowd and your interactions with them. They then edit the footage into that all-important three minutes of demo reel. This tool captures you on stage at your best.

Find out if calling Keyreel is the move your career needs.

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Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH | Chief editor, RDH magazine

Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH, has over four decades of continual career development and experience in dentistry. As the chief editor of RDH magazine, she strives to remain a proactive personality in the continual advancement of the profession. She has been defined as a motivated trendsetter and dependable colleague and is inspired by her true passion of helping others to achieve their personal goals. 

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