The essential solution for healthy teeth: MI family

June 15, 2023
Discover the trusted solution for optimal dental health as you delve into the world of MI Paste products. Tune into this RDH Solutions Lab to uncover the benefits of incorporating them into your patients' dental routine.

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Choose the right MI Paste® product for your patients. Whether you are establishing a preventive care program for your patient, or they are dealing with significant caries, sensitivity, or white spots, start the conversation about a family of products that dental professionals around the world trust. Your patients will find MI Paste® products easy to use at home as part of their overall dental health program.

What you’ll learn

  • Who can benefit from MI Paste products?
  • Clinical guidelines for use of MI Paste products?
  • How MI products containing fluoride and RECALDENT work?


Susan Wingrove

Susan Wingrove, BS, RDH, is an international speaker, researcher, writer, and RDH Award of Distinction, and Western Society of Periodontology Hygiene Educator of the Year recipient. She an instrument codesigner of the Wingrove Titanium Implant Series, ACE probes, and Queen of Hearts instruments. Susan sorts through the science to develop protocols for teeth, implants, and disease treatment. She's a published author in journals, and wrote the textbook, Peri-Implant Therapy for the Dental Hygienist: 2nd Edition.

Amber Auger 

Amber Auger, MPH, RDH, is the moderator. Amber is the 2019 Sunstar Award of Distinction recipient, a practicing dental hygienist, corporate consultant, and international speaker. She created Thrive in the OP, a membership course that equips dental hygienists with clinical, business, and leadership skills outside of their traditional hygiene degree.

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