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MicroCare Medical Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes: Elevating the standard of disinfection

June 3, 2024
These new disinfectant wipes from MicroCare check many of the boxes in daily practice for infection control. KOLs shared their feedback.

Cleaning and disinfection are imperative for health-care professionals to ensure patient and provider safety and to prevent disease transmission. Several products meet standards set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for intermediate level disinfection.

MicroCare Medical Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes not only meet cleaning and disinfection requirements, but they exceed the standards with a product that reflects provider needs that can be used in various settings. Backed by research, this product demonstrates tuberculocidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, and virucidal efficacy, all while retaining the integrity of office equipment.

Contact time, defined as “the amount of time a disinfectant needs to sit on a surface, without being wiped away or disturbed, to effectively kill germs,” is a critical aspect of disinfectants.1 Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes have a three-minute contact time, meaning this germicide can kill tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, COVID, HIV, and other broad spectrum bloodborne pathogens in three minutes.2

Many products use solvents to increase the chemical action needed to achieve disinfection of pathogens while reducing the contact time. However, solvents such as isopropanol ethanol or glycol ethers have led to cracking and corroding of equipment over time. Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes are water-based and free of solvents, so they stay saturated the entire time they’re being used to ensure adequate contact time, and the lack of solvents supports long-term integrity of office equipment.2

Figure 1 identifies a study comparing Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes to other name brand disinfectants over one year. The effects of these products were evaluated on surfaces including vinyl upholstery, tubing, and clear plastic light lens material. After 2,000 wipe applications, Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes showed the least harmful impact on surfaces.3

With health-care providers in mind, Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes were designed as a “one-step” cleaner and disinfectant.2 In the presence of biohazards, these Disinfectant Wipes should initially be used to clean surfaces free of blood and saliva that are reservoirs for harmful microorganisms. Fresh wipes should then be used to disinfect with a three-minute contact time for complete removal of transmissible bacteria, viruses, and fungi.2 In the absence of biohazards, Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes can be used without gloves, so those in the office who don’t provide treatment can keep areas such as front desks, doorknobs, and waiting rooms free of harmful microorganisms.2

Five key opinion leaders (KOLs) completed a survey after using Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes. Some results are shown in Figures 2 and 3, followed by a couple of their observations.

“The drying time was slow on vinyl, but fast on hard surfaces. No product can clean and disinfect at the same time, but a product that can do both is preferred. I do like the idea of a less toxic wipe.”

“The wipes cleaned well, smelled pleasant, and had the perfect amount of liquid saturation. The only critique I have is the texture of the wipes. They lack grip or traction, so wiping a soft surface is challenging.”

When looking for a product that meets intermediate level disinfectant requirements while retaining integrity of surfaces over time, MicroCare Medical Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes surpass these standards. Oral health providers everywhere are familiar with equipment that has been exposed to harsh chemicals from years of disinfectant use. Spec Clean Disinfectant Wipes have eliminated these concerns through a one-step system that can be trusted by health-care professionals to keep them, their patients, and their equipment safe.


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