Philips presents brushing solutions with Kristy Menage-Bernie, MS, RDH

June 28, 2023
Do you still use a rotary phone? Of course not, and neither do your patients. This is one approach Kristy recommends to start a conversation with your patients about their dental health and technology.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kristy Menage-Bernie, MS, RDH, at the recent California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim. She's had a great deal of success talking with her patients about how their oral health relates to their overall health, and how taking care of their mouth leads to better overall health.

Kristy recommends starting with what they know. Ask questions. Use analogies they can understand, such as the rotary phone and today's dental technology. Give them a step-by-step of at-home care they can actually follow.

See what else Kristy and I discuss here.

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