RDH Quik Chat: AAP Dental Hygiene Engagement Initiative

April 30, 2024
The American Academy of Periodontology launches the Dental Hygienist Recognition Program.  Hear from Dr. James G. Wilson, past president of AAP, and Jackie Sanders as they discuss the benefits of the program and how you can acquire the benefits of working with the AAP.

Because dental hygienists serve as the frontline caregivers in most patients' periodontal care, the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) has created a new program to build relationships betweem dental hygienists and periodontologists: the Dental Hygiene Engagement Initiative.

I had the chance to sit down with Dr. James G. Wilson, past president of the AAP, to talk about this new initiative. He says the AAP recognizes that dental hygienists are the frontline providers for most periodontal care in this country, and that periodontologists need to collaborate closely with their dental hygienists. Dr. Wilson has been a passionate supporter of the initiative, and he explains the many offerings it has for dental hygienists.

AAP announced its Engagement Initiative at Chicago Midwinter. According to the website: "A strong relationship between periodontists and dental hygienists is critical to comprehensive patient care. The AAP is committed to facilitating these relationships in the name of periodontal health. The AAP Dental Hygiene Engagement Initiative aims to bring together periodontists and dental hygienists to learn, network, and ultimately provide the best possible care to their shared patients."

The AAP offers a Dental Hygiene Study Club and a Dental Hygienist Recognition Program. Since starting the initiative, members of the AAP have been impressed with the level of engagement and interest they've seen from RDHs.

Take some time to listen to our discussion, and wait for the QR code at the end of our chat.

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